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Floyd Mayweather: Angry 'Money' Unleashes Brutal Firestorm on Critics

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Although retired, fight legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. (49-0, 26KO) still has unfinished business... With his critics.

Earlier this week, the all-time great dubbed 'Money' had some choice words for his critics, many of whom have called him boring and a cherry-picker while others insist he's a woman-beater and slam his reading abilities.

"While you guys are saying, 'I hate Floyd Mayweather! F*** Floyd Mayweather! I don't like Floyd Mayweather,' at the end of the day, every month, I get a 7-figure check and I'm very comfortable and I'm happy with that" Floyd told FightHype.com.

"It's not bragging, not boasting; I'm happy because I went out there and earned it the hard way. The good old American way; I went out there and worked and busted my ass. It's never enough; never enough," Mayweather added.

"So, you know, when people get to saying, 'F*** Floyd! I don't like Floyd! He's a woman beater!" "He can't read,' find out if you still got to work, if you still got to punch a clock, because I can kick my feet up and travel the world every day and I didn't rob, steal, or kill nobody to get to where I got to."


Floyd also insists there's nothing he can do to satisfy his critics, claiming they'll always think of reasons to dislike him.

"Once I fought and beat everybody, first it was, 'Mayweather was scared of this guy!' What I do? I beat him!"

" 'Mayweather's scared of that guy!' I beat him! 'Mayweather's scared of this guy!' I beat him! It's getting to a point that, if me and Triple G would have fought when I was fighting, I would've beat him and then guess what?"

"There's going to be an excuse. Now it's time for me to go to 168," Mayweather told Fighthype.com.

Point for Floyd (HIs Achievements)

Some are critical of Floyd for not having fought Kostya Tszyu but he knocked out the man who stopped the latter (Ricky Hatton). And others point to Antonio Margarito and insist Mayweather ducked him but Floyd defeated the man who knocked out Margarito (Shane Mosley).

Hence, it wasn't Floyd's fault Margarito was knocked out by Shane.

Floyd has triumphed over the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, Diego Corrales, Oscar De La Hoya, Zab Judah, Genaro Hernandez, Marcos Maidana, Jose Luis Castillo (twice), Ricky Hatton and, of course, Manny Pacquiao.

... Not exactly chopped liver.

If the above fighters aren't the best, who are/were?

Point for Critics (Floyd's Attitude)

Floyd seemingly created his villainous persona on his own - and it was a great business decision if he, in fact, chose to wear the 'black hat.'

If Floyd weren't so contentious, would he be half as popular as he became?

If not for Floyd's controversial, presumably flawed persona, few outside of boxing would even recognize his name despite his 49-0 record and monumental accomplishments in the sport.

His obnoxiousness, over-the-top personality, in-your-face arrogance, unmitigated outspokenness and sensational swagger created controversy and helped sell a lot of ticket sales and PPVs ....  AND it generated a lot of enemies in the process.

Maybe it was an act and maybe it wasn't, but it's sticking. 

Unlike the beloved Muhammad Ali who intentionally assumed the villain role early his career to generate added interest in his fights, Floyd never made the cross over to 'good guy' in the eyes of the public.

... So yes, Floyd beat the best of his day.

However, those actions and comments over the years, whether staged or sincere, that helped thrust him into the spotlight and make him a sports giant, rubbed some the wrong way and it'll take awhile for them to loosen up on Floyd Mayweather.

Don't fret, Floyd. History is usually a lot kinder to active and recently-active fighters than the present.

Perhaps the most beloved athlete in all of sports, Muhammad Ali, was once thrashed by the media and fans too. He was a 'Poor Man's Joe Louis,' they said. And Larry Holmes, who was criticized for being a second-rate fighter with no charisma, is also sports royalty today.

It wasn't until after their careers Ali, Holmes and many others were given full credit for their accomplishments.

So rest-assured Floyd,  ten years from now you - and Manny - will be more respected, if not more cherished, than you are today.


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