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Floyd Mayweather and Alex Ariza: Is 'Money May' trying to blackmail Manny Pacquiao?

Joseph Herron Updated
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Several weeks ago, renowned strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza entered into a two year "non compete/non disclosure" accord with pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"I signed an official contract for two years to serve as Floyd's strength and conditioning coach," stated the controversial and often outspoken fitness guru.

When asked what the "non disclosure/non compete" portion of the agreement entailed, Ariza was candid about the situation.

"It doesn't mean anything. That's what professional athletes do at this level. They have these stipulations in their contracts. I think what he's doing is protecting his options. Nothing is official until fight time, and Floyd decides who's doing that. At this point, it's just a 'non compete/non disclosure' deal until Floyd decides what he's going to do."

The contentious Mr. Ariza is absolutely correct...it's a practice commonly implemented by athletes of Floyd's stature, especially when a team member boasts a client history like that of the infamous conditioning expert.

But why now? If his previous fight schedule over the past two years is any indication, Mayweather isn't slated to compete for another eight months.

And why Alex Ariza? Isn't this the same person Floyd Jr. and Sr. accused of furnishing former client and eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao with performance enhancing drugs several years ago?

Why indeed.

Perhaps a recent interview with boxing scribe Ben Thompson of "FightHype.com" can provide more clarity as to why the pound for pound king made Mr. Ariza a member of "The Money Team".

"The thing is this, some of the people that used to work with Manny Pacquiao are now working with me, so the best thing for Pacquiao to do is be quiet before he really gets exposed and I tell some things that he don't want me to tell," stated Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"One thing that I really want to say while I'm on this phone, a lot of things that I talked about in the past, I was 100% right. I'm going to say that. A lot of the things I talked about in the past, I was 100% right."

What was Floyd 100% right about?

Is "Money" Mayweather referring to his controversial allegations regarding Pacman and the use of PEDs? Perhaps something even more scandalous or damaging?

Whether or not the intent of hiring Alex Ariza was to gain leverage, it seems that Floyd has found a potentially incriminating "ace in the hole" through his newly formed alliance with the controversial conditioning guru.

Or is the biggest name in boxing merely bluffing?

Perhaps Floyd has indeed discovered something that may be detrimental to Pacquiao's career, which could be used to give Mayweather greater influence at the negotiation table should talks between both camps take place once again.

And was this the primary reason for bringing the former Team Pacquiao member on board?

Regardless of what "convenient and coincidental" information "Money" Mayweather has obtained from the former employee of Manny Pacquiao, it's safe to say that Mr. Ariza has become an integral member of TMT.


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