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Floyd Mayweather age: Will 'Money May' get old over night?

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Fresh off winning the biggest fight of his career and one of the most significant in the entire history of the sport, Floyd Mayweather, who just earned a record-setting purse in May, will face lightly-regarded Andre Berto next in what may be the final bout of his illustrious career.

And to the surprise of practically nobody, Floyd is a massive favorite.

But at age 38 and with 30+ the years of wear and tear on his body compliments of the Sweet Science and a disciplined training regimen, will age catch up to Floyd Mayweather tonight?

To date, boxing's top fighter has shown few signs of aging in the ring as his reflexes are perhaps among the best the sport has seen.

Father Time is an odd thing in boxing. Sometimes aging fighters gradually slip while at other times they hit a brick wall, and their fall from the elite level is as fast as it is decisive.

Such was the case with pugilistic legend Roy Jones Jr.

In 2003, a 34 year old Jones, unbeatable at light heavyweight, conquered then WBC Heavyweight champion John Ruiz to make history, becoming the first former middleweight champion to win a share of the heavyweight title in over 100 years.

Jones was boxing's best and on top of the sports world. He would be a champion for years to come... Or so it seemed.

After relinquishing the heavyweight title and dropping back down to light heavyweight Jones, who had previously been nothing but dominant in the ring, narrowly escaped defeat at the hands of Antonio Tarver. For the time in his career, Jones, battered and bruised showed signs of decay.

...And then it happened. In their 2004 rematch, the 35 year old legend was knocked out.

The legendary Roy Jones has never been the same since he conquered Ruiz.

Later that year, Jones would be thoroughly dominated and subsequently knocked out by Glen Johnson.

Who would have thought a fighter who was so awesome and so elite would fall so fast? Father Time never gave us the opportunity to see Roy slip over time. 

In 2003 he was boxing's best, but by Fall 2004 a fighter who had been nearly untouchable in the ring for 15 years, had been knocked out in back-to-back fights.

Will Floyd Mayweather get old tonight against the 33 year old Andre Berto?


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