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Floyd Mayweather adviser claims Pacquiao fight is going to happen

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Despite claims made by Oscar De la Hoya and senior adviser Don Chargin, stating Floyd recently made an offer to Miguel Cotto for a May rematch, members on Floyd Mayweather's side of the fence insist that a fight with Manny Pacquiao is the only match-up currently on the pound for pound fighter's mind. According to Sam Watson, friend and associate of Mayweather adviser Al Haymon, a deal with Team Pacquiao is currently being worked out and should be announced very soon.

"They're putting it together now," stated Watson on Wednesday morning in New York City. "They're going to do a Showtime/HBO PPV like they did with Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson."

"They're working on the monies now and everything they've got to work on to make it happen."

The Haymon confidant insists that everyone involved would have to be "out of their minds" not to want this fight to happen, and believes a Mayweather/Pacquiao will be the biggest boxing event in history.

"It's bigger than Tyson/Lewis," claims the Team Mayweather representative. "Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will be the biggest fight ever made. Everyone in the world wants to see this fight."

"I truly believe in my heart and soul that the fight will happen. And when it does happen, it will be like a boxing Super Bowl."

Watson's message is consistent with recent reports from Manny's adviser, Michael Koncz, who professed on Tuesday that Pacquiao's side has agreed to every stipulation and condition on the proposed fight accord.

"We've agree to the terms," stated Koncz. "And once Floyd signs off, the fight will be on for May 2. We've agreed with Floyd's representative, and now we're waiting for him."

Although neither fighter has officially signed on the dotted line, Watson states that it's more than likely only a matter of time.

"I can't say anything for sure, but once both fighters sign the contract, the entire world will know it. I truly believe this fight will be announced shortly."


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