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Floyd Mayweather: 50th fight bigger than Manny Pacquiao bout?

Joseph Herron Updated
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Richard Schaefer is back in boxing with his own promotional outfit, Ringstar Promotions. What does this mean exactly?

Earlier this year in January, Floyd Mayweather stated this to ES News:

"I seen Richard Schaefer...we talked. We're about to do some big things together. I look forward to working with Richard Schaefer. When we was walking and talking, we were talking about getting together...I can't wait for Richard to be back in the sport. It's going to be great for us to be working together...he's a great guy."

Are Floyd and Richard planning a Mayweather return to the ring in 2017?

When asked about possibly delivering Floyd's long awaited return to boxing and a historic 50th bout, the former Swiss banker was uncertain of Mayweather's future as an active fighter.

"Floyd Mayweather is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met," Schaefer stated to FightHub TV on Thursday, October 27.

"He's a loyal, great guy, and I think he's doing fantastic with Mayweather Promotions."

"He seems to be adamant that he's not ready to fight. But you never know."

Has the window of opportunity closed for the soon to be 40 year old prizefighter regarding a potential comeback? Has the sport of boxing officially moved on without Money May?

According to Schaefer, the sport of boxing needs Floyd now more than ever.

"I think the more time passes, people are starting to realize, even those who did not like him...if they're honest, I think we really miss him a little bit. Of course, some miss him more than others, but I think we are all realizing how great Mayweather was for the sport of boxing."

"He really brought the general market to the sport, and that is what's missing today. That's why we need Mayweather back."

Many critics and observers, including current promoter and Hall of Fame prizefighter Oscar De la Hoya, are calling 2016 the worst year boxing has possibly ever experienced. After the record breaking event featuring Money Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on May 2, 2015, which surpassed 4.4 million PPV buys and pulled in $72 million at the gate, boxing has ostensibly experienced a steep decline both critically and commercially within the U.S. sports entertainment market.

The two premium cable networks, HBO and Showtime, who have been industry stalwarts for decades, have uncharacteristically closed their respective pocket books, and haven't given promoters many dates without the added revenue stream of the PPV platform in 2016. Coupled with dozens of marquee fighters who have demanded inflated and unrealistic purse amounts well above their respective market value, premium and fan driven match-ups have been largely absent from this year's boxing calendar.

It's the opinion of Schaefer that a Floyd Mayweather return to the ring would be the shot in the arm that the sport needs to regain its financial health within the U.S. sports entertainment market.

But will it happen in 2017?

"I would love for him to be back. But at the same time, I'm respectful of the fact that it's his life...that's his body, and he knows what's best for him.

So whatever his decision is, I'll always be 100% behind Mayweather, and he'll always be one of my closest friends."

If Floyd did decide to lace up the gloves at age 40, what would number 50 be like on the critical and commercial level?

"If Floyd Mayweather were willing, we would make it the biggest global boxing event in the history of the sport," Richard Schaefer stated to Seconds Out on Thursday. "Bigger than Mayweather/Pacquiao, because it truly would be historic. I would be so freaking passionate about it."

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