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Errol Spence vs. Terence Crawford: "The fight will get done," claims Andre Ward

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This past weekend in Ft. Worth, TX, WBO Welterweight champion Terence Crawford made headlines by announcing that he is no longer interested in a fight with Errol Spence Jr., and that he won't be playing the waiting game any longer.  
Although the great majority of the boxing community still desperately wants to see both P4P fighters unify the competitive welterweight division, the biggest domestic US match-up currently seems to be in serious jeopardy.
In an interview conducted by FightHype.com several months ago, former two division world champion Andre Ward shared his opinion on whether or not he felt the long awaited super fight could or would eventually take place.   
"The answer is 'YES', they can do it," stated the first ballot HOF fighter.  "It's been done before.  If two fighters really want to fight, it can be done."
But do both fighters still want to appease the real bosses of boxing and make the fight happen in 2021?
The Bay area native shared his unique perspective as a former prizefighter and savvy businessman. 
"Errol Spence is playing with the ace card right now.  Even though it's frustrating that boxing fans aren't getting that fight right now, Spence has the ace card because he's got all the other contenders on his side.  You can't really knock Errol Spence for making the move that he's making right now."
"I can't say that if I were in his position that I wouldn't be doing the same thing.  His advisor is a Harvard graduate.  He's not playing checkers, he's playing chess. "
The biggest obstacle standing in the way of Spence vs. Crawford becoming a reality seems to be the fact that the current IBF/WBC champion is making anywhere between $3-7 million per fight currently, regardless of opposition.  As a result, the Texas based fighter really doesn't need Terence Crawford to remain one of the sport's top earners.
Despite the overwhelming demand from the boxing community to see a Crawford super-fight, Spence seems to be on a collision course with newly appointed WBA Welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas this summer. 
Why?  Because he can.
It raises an important question concerning this generation of fighters:  Do the current crop of prizefighters value a monetary prize over historic relevance?  Or does a fighter's legacy still mean anything to these aspiring young men?
Ward remains hopeful that legacy and a place in history still matter to both Errol Spence and Terence Crawford
"If Errol Spence and Terence Crawford want to be mentioned among the all time greats, they have to meet in the ring at some point in time.  They have to meet in their prime, in my opinion."
"As a person who cares about legacy, and I believe both fighters do care about their legacies, you as a fighter have to tell your advisor, your team or whomever to make that fight happen.  I can't say when Spence should do it, and clearly Crawford has been ready to do it, so it's going to be interesting to see when it finally does happen."
With the latest commentary from the current WBO title holder considered, it seems the sand may have expired through the hourglass.
Has Spence vs. Crawford become a cold product?
The former two-division champ doesn't seem to think so.  
"I'm cautiously optimistic that when Spence is finished doing whatever his gameplan is on that side, that they're going to figure it out and get the fight done at some point."  
But will "some point" be too late?  Will Terence Crawford still be open for unification with his PBC rival?  And will the demand still be there?
Only time will tell.


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