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El Niño (35-0, 33 KOs) Issues Challenge to the Klitschko Brothers

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With an impressive third round knock-out over former World Boxing Association (WBA) Champion Owen "What The Heck Beck" on June 24th, David "El Niño" Rodriguez upped his impressive undefeated record to 35-0, 33 KOs and picks up the vacant WBC Fecombox heavyweight title (otherwise known as the "Mexican National" title), as well as a top ranking by the men in green, making him an official contender.

Rodriguez is the only Mexican American Undefeated Heavyweight, has broken Mike Tyson's record for first round knock-outs, and wants a showdown with either Klitschko brother.

Rodriguez commented:

"I want either one. No disrespect for any of the fighters they have fought, but let's be real they've been on a safe tour. Fighting the likes of Chambers who is a good boxer, but is a small heavyweight with no punch, then fought a weathered Peter who was knocked out by brother Vitali in 2008."

"Chagaev's a good fighter but another smaller heavyweight that was easily boxed by the bigger Wladmir, Haye fought a valiant effort, but again too small and fought at Cruiserweight for most of his career."

"I'm 6'5", 250 pounds of Heavyweight that has size and power to knock these Klitschko's out! I am a real heavyweight. I am challenging either brother to face me. Fight a real heavyweight with knock-out power, size, I am in my prime, and have a great record."

"Contact my promoter Zef Ramirez at zboxing.com. You will not have to chase me; I won't be trying to box. But you won't be prepared for the power my punch has and I will bring the Heavyweight titles back to America!!"



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