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Odd angles?
Odd angles? That's a haters way of putting it. How about remarkable angles. A slightly more praising adjective. As much as you praise Teo. Slightly leading with the odds or close to even odds? Again a haters way of putting it. The last I checked it was at least 4 to 1.

According to Betfair, via boxing writer and betting pundit Tom Craze, Lomachenko has opened as a -400 favorite (bet $400 to win $100) while Lopez is +275 (win $275 on a $100 wager). Those odds aren't exactly a surprise.
Owner's reply January 09, 2020

Not a hater at all. In fact, Loma is one of my favorite fighters.

I find it difficult, if not impossible, for any true follower of boxing to not be impressed with Loma's freakishly-good footwork and overall movement.

I said "odd angles" because his style is so unique. In 30 years of following boxing (and fighting as an amateur myself), I've never seen anyone move like that.

He's not traditional and that's a good thing :) How does an opponent prepare for someone like that? He's so skilled, he can get away with moving in ways that most of us would consider "odd."

He's probably the best fighter in the world today and possibly one of the best ever.

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