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Dereck Chisora and David Haye Brawl at Press Conference (with Video)

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The post fight press conference in Munich ended in chaos late tonight as Dereck Chisora and David Haye sensationally fought on the press room floor.

The conference started amicably, with the promoters, fighters and trainers each taking the floor to give their thoughts on the fight.

The first sign of tension appeared when Chisora was asked why he displayed 'dirty behaviour' at the weigh-in.  Dereck Chisora calmly talked about the deal with Wladimir 'who promised me a fight and didn't give me a fight' and a promise he made to his mother that when he saw one of the brothers they would 'get a slap'. He continued (Vitali) 'drew the short straw and got the slap.' Dereck Chisora then threw David Haye's name into the mix for 'a slap', which was picked up by Wladimir who shouted to the back of the room where David was standing 'David Haye is going to get his slap now, where are you?'

Bernd Boente, manager of the Klitschko brothers, then went on to say that 'contrary to David Haye, Chisora gave a great performance, really went for it, he wasn't fighting on the back foot like Haye....and tomorrow Vitali will go to hospital, the arm will be checked then we plan the next step.' At this point David Haye shouted from the back of the room 'You don't want to fight David Haye, no?' to which Boente replied 'you had an offer, you did not accept it now you are out, you are out, out, out, out. David you are out, you can't talk yourself into a fight. Fight against this person (Dereck Chisora) - he showed heart contrary to you, you showed your toe.' At this point Haye was shouting about him actually having accepted an offer to fight Vitali. 

Photo: The scene prior to the Haye-Chisora altercation


Courtesy Stuart Law



Dereck Chisora then chimed in with 'David, me and you will get it on in London. Be quiet. First and foremost David Haye is an embarrassment. Sky Sports don't do box office because of David Haye,' (Bernd Bonte agreed 'that's true') and Dereck continued 'he messed up box office for all the young fighters coming up, and I'm gonna give him two slaps for that. If David Haye is a fighter, he should fight me.'

Haye responded 'you've lost three fights in a row' and the room descended into a shouting match which lasted for at least a minute before Chisora finally lost patience, got up and said 'I'm coming there, tell me to my face.'

As Chisora took off his top and made his way to Haye, Wladimir shouted 'David, run, run David.' Chisora and Haye went head to head and a fight broke out, with security men jumping in to try and calm the melee as reporters and crew dived for cover. After about a minute, Chisora emerged from the chaos shouting 'he's glassed me.'

Chisora shouted across the room to David Haye 'I swear to God I'm going to shoot you.' He then had a protracted and lively discussion with Haye's trainer Adam Booth about the alleged glassing with the bottle of beer David had been holding and told Booth to make the fight. Dereck clearly told Booth 'I want him' before the pair separated.

It took several more minutes before the room was calm enough for the Klitschko's to make their exit, taking the time to talk to stunned television reporters and press, who had witnessed the chaotic scenes.

All this was, of course, a promoter's dream and suddenly Haye has another big fight possibility if he can't get the fight with Vitali. Either way, it keeps him in the news. Chisora meanwhile, licks his wounds and returns to London wondering how his post fight press conference could be hijacked in such a way by a 'retired' fighter. David Haye just won't go quietly.

(Video is below)


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