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Deontay Wilder vs Alexander Povetkin: What, exactly, are 'serious doping tests?'

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In a bout tentatively scheduled for May 21, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder will face the fearsome, uber-skilled Alexander Povetkin in Russia.

Following Povetkin's impressive first round knockout win last May over the usually-durable Mike Perez, Wilder accused the former of using performance enhancing substances (PEDs).

"I think he’s juicing. He’s looking too big,” Wilder told USA Today.

“I have people that have trained him and know him, and being from a different country, they have different techniques that they use."

“He’s on some kind of steroids. But you know, that’s just my opinion. It’s not going to affect me when it’s time to fight and I’m looking forward (to fighting Povetkin). That’s how I feel."

"That could be the reason why (he dropped Perez so quickly) but we’re not taking anything from him and I can’t wait to be able to put my hands on him.”

Perhaps in response to those claims, Russian promoter Andrei Ryabinsky insisted earlier this week there would be strict drug testing for Wilder vs Povetkin.

"Without a doubt, there will be serious doping tests for both boxers," Ryabinsky stated. "And I do not recommend for Deontay's team to give him any dope," Ryabinsky told Boxing News Ukraine or BoxingScene.com.

But what, exactly, are "serious doping tests?"

Not all drug testing is equal. Is VADA testing in the works?

Jay Deas, Wilder's co-manager, informed Boxing News Ukraine, "The WBC has achieved a lot of success in testing for [banned substances] in collaboration with VADA."

"Boxing is a dangerous sport, and all fighters need to be sure that they are on equal footing. Deontay Wilder is certainly willing to pass all the tests of the most professional and advanced laboratories in the world, such as VADA."

"We hope that Povetkin will join us and agree to undergo stringent doping tests, to show the world that in this sport the athletes at the highest level are completely clean," Deas added.

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