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Deontay Wilder: "Next, Tyson Fury is going to see a spiritual adviser to help ease his mind!"

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In just nine short days, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will "get it on" once again to determine the WBC and Ring lineal heavyweight championship.

On several respected periodicals, it's being reported that the Gypsy King plans to weigh-in at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on February 21st as a hefty 270-pound fighter.

What does this mean?

It could mean that the unbeaten Briton does indeed anticipate having to use a more physical gameplan underneath, to try and rough-up the Bronze Bomber in a close quarters, uncomfortable affair.

When given this questionable information by a member of the boxing media, the current WBC Heavyweight champion had much to say.

"Anything that Fury's saying and what he's going to do, I really don't care at all," Wilder recently stated in an official PBC conference call for Wilder vs. Fury 2. "I'm just waiting for that date to come around."

"I'm just so ready, you know. I don't care what he weighs in at, I just want him to be the best 'Fury' that he can be. If that weight suits him and he's comfortable with it, then hey! Come on with it! Whatever he says what he wants to do, then hey! Come on with it!"

"This is what this is all about. I want him to be in the best shape. I want him to be comfortable with his weight. I want him to be physically and mentally ready for the best fight of his life, because he's definitely in for a great fight come February 22nd...I just don't want any excuses."

"I don't make excuses, and I don't plan on making any. I give my best when I go in there and I expect the same thing from him. I don't want him to be saying that he should have been a little bit smaller or whatever. At this point in time, he should know where he needs to be...if he blows himself up, then that's on him."

"But I'm looking for the best possible Tyson Fury on February 22nd."

According to the British behemoth, he made the controversial decision to switch head trainers just before entering his training camp for the rematch in Las Vegas, Nevada, because he wanted to prepare and develop a strategy to score a decisive and clean knock-out victory. Fury has been consistent in stating that he feels he needs a KO to beat Wilder, and hiring Javan "Sugar" Hill-Steward was the first step in that direction.

Wilder finds Tyson's explanation a bit difficult to believe.

"For me, I just think it's nervous energy from the first fight. He can go on and say that he beat me by a wide margin, but I don't think he honestly believes that. That's why he wanted to change up a lot of things from the first fight. If he really believed that, he wouldn't be changing up so much."

"But he changed everything...from where he trains to his trainers...now he's putting his hands in gasoline to try and make them harder! Next, he's going to go see a spiritual adviser to help ease his mind...that's the next thing he's going to do."

"As a fighter, we must do the things we feel is going to give us confidence and help us in the fight. I really don't think his confidence is that high, dealing with me, because of the state I left him in."

"I gave this man a concussion, and the head isn't meant to be hit! Especially with power like Deontay Wilder's. So he has a lot to think about...before the fight, I think he's really going to be thinking about a lot. Especially the night before the fight. Because when it's February 22nd, uh oh...he's in trouble now!"

It will be interesting to see how both men look during fight week, both mentally and physically, leading up to the big event on Saturday, February 22nd. From what their respective trainers have stated, both men are ahead of schedule and are peaking at the right time.

Boxing fans should be treated to the best versions of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder competing on fight night!


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