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Deontay Wilder: Ready to carry the torch for the new era of boxing

Joseph Herron Updated
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As the biggest commodities in boxing enter the twilight of their respective careers, the sport once again looks to anoint a new torch bearer; a fighter who has the charisma, fight style, and power to capture the imagination of both die-hard supporters and mainstream observers. At Thursday afternoon's "Stiverne vs. Wilder" final press conference at the MGM Grand Resort and Casino, undefeated Heavyweight Deontay Wilder made a convincing argument as to why he believes he is the right man for the position.

"You all should be excited," stated the WBC Heavyweight title challenger. "This is the most exciting and entertaining Heavyweight bout in years! And this is just the beginning. We're leading the way with this awakening of the Heavyweight division."

"I'm ready for this. I've been waiting for this moment for so long. The training, the heartaches, the pain and the suffering...the sacrifice of having to stay away from my kids...it's been a long journey for me."

"Many people wrote me off early in my career. Many people have stated that I'm not supposed to be here. And they still write me off to this day, which is good. I appreciate that...I like that. Because when they do that, I rise to another level. I still push forward when so many obstacles come into my life."

"People just don't know my story. They don't know my journey...they don't know my path. What it took for me to get here. Nothing has ever been given to me. But I appreciate that...I appreciate every little thing that I have, and everything that I've had to go through...that's what made me who I am now."

"I'm ready for this test. I'm ready for this time. This is my time. I don't think my opponent understands purpose. I don't think he understands the love I have for my kids and I have to provide...but this is my time. This is my place. This is my journey."

"The only one who can detour me from my journey is myself."

And while healthy banter between camps is always good for the promotion of the event, the "Bronze Bomber" claims that his side of the argument hasn't been one of show. The hungry, young fighter means every word that has been passed back and forth through various social media outlets.

"Y'all in for a treat," proclaimed the contender from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. "I've never been so ready to whoop a man in such a long time. I've never been so ready. There has been a lot of talk...a lot of entertainment stuff. But all of this has been real for me. I don't play games. I can't play boxing. It doesn't get more real than this. We can't play this. We risk our lives each and every time we step in that ring."

"If y'all only knew how ready I am. If y'all only knew how much pain I'm about to put on this boy. You all have been waiting for an American champion. All this is for me right here. This is for me. Of course I've had to promote this all by myself. I'm not afraid to talk. Because I'm going to back it up."

"I'm not afraid to express myself, because I'm going to back it up. I'm not afraid to hold my head up high with my chest sticking out, because I'm ready...I'm ready for any test."

During the riveting and emotional speech, Deontay made a resounding point in reminding every detractor, fight fan, and media member to remember their respective comments and criticisms leading into this Saturday night's main event; that the incumbent champion is being dubbed by most as Wilder's first "real" test as a professional Heavyweight.

"And for anybody who says that this is a test, please stick by that," declared Deontay Wilder. "Please stick by that. So when I do the unexpected, I don't want you to degrade this man. I don't want to call him another bum or make excuses for my victory. Stick to your word. If this is a test for me, let it be a test for me. And watch me pass my test."

"Watch me do it! I promise you and guarantee that I will do it! I can't wait. Y'all in for a treat, I swear. You all are in for a treat!"

As convincing as Wilder's argument was behind the podium at Thursday's final press conference, the hard punching title challenger was only successful in completing one half of the equation with which fight fans use when recognizing the next big star of boxing.

To truly make a case for his place among boxing's elite, Deontay will have to put forth a noteworthy performance...one that captures the imagination of all sports fans.


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