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Deontay Wilder publicly accuses Tyson Fury of "cheating" in both fights

Joseph Herron Updated
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In a shocking new 2-minute video release on Deontay Wilder's official Twitter account, the Bronze Bomber didn't pull any punches in accusing current Lineal and WBC Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury of putting a foreign object inside his glove before their second meeting in February of 2020.

In the attached video, Wilder claims to be the victim of foul play during both championship bouts. 



The Tuscaloosa native accuses Fury of adjusting his left mitt so his fist could protrude through the inside of the glove, exposing his knuckles without any padding or horse hair throughout their first meeting in December of 2018. 

Deontay's most serious claim comes at the 00:53 mark of the video, in which Wilder directly accuses Fury of putting a weight inside his glove to inflict more traumatic physical damage during their rematch.

"I highly believe you put something hard in your glove," alleges the 35 year old fighter. "Something the size and shape of a weight.  The reason the side of my face swelled up in the shape of a weight form."

"And it left a dent in my face as well."

In a subsequent post on his official Twitter account, the seemingly troubled prizefighter completely damages any credibility concerning the serious criminal allegations by asking Fury to "honor their agreement" in competing once again in a trilogy match:

"@Tyson_Fury it is time for you to be a man and honor your agreement. What is this bullshit of you fighting Carlos Takam instead of me, you got to be kidding..."

If the former Heavyweight champion's claims are sincere, why would he publicly ask for a third fight against a man he believes to be guilty of criminal misconduct in the ring?

If Deontay Wilder is serious with his allegations, and genuinely believes these claims, he should turn to the proper authorities for assistance, and not waste his time with videos on social media.

The charges are potentially criminal and should be dealt with in a more formal manner...if the allegations are indeed authentic, and not merely for the benefit of his own psyche or die-hard fanbase.

If Wilder doesn't seek criminal justice through the proper authorities, no one should take these slanderous claims seriously.

The truth of these seemingly outrageous claims and serious criminal accusations will hopefully be revealed in time.  


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