Deontay Wilder: Net worth only temporary?

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Tonight, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (37-0, 36 KO) faces relative unknown Gerald Washington in the former's native Alabama.

And while hardcore boxing fans have followed the freakishly-skilled fighter for the last several years, Wilder is still relatively-unknown to the mainstream. Nevertheless, according to, Deontay's net worth is $10 Million.

Incidentally, Wilder will earn a reported $900,000 tonight.

If you're a casual fan you might be asking youself, "Why haven't I heard of this guy?"

For starters, Wilder, who won a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics, is not THE heavyweight champion. He's one of several heavyweight title-holders and has yet to face a really big name opponent, such as Wladimir Klitschko or Tyson Fury. However, the 31 year old Wilder appears to have all of the tools to become a boxing great. (His aforementioned record of 37-0, 36 KO is not a misprint).

One can't help but draw comparisons to a 21/22 year old Mike Tyson. No other heavyweight in recent memory has been so utterly destructive on his ascension to the top.


Deontay Wilder facts
Record: 37-0, 36 KO
Amateur record: 35-5 (Bronze medal, 2012 Olympics)
Date of Birth: Oct 22, 1985 (31 years old)
Nationality: American
Height: 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)
Weight: 219 lbs (97.5 kg)
Stance: Orthodox

Division: Heavyweight
Title: WBC

Strengths: Sharp left jab, Devastating knockout power, height and reach, athleticism and confidence


While there is no comparing Deontay Wilder's career thus far to Mike Tyson's, we can compare and contrast today's version of Wilder to Mike Tyson at the same stage in the latter's career.

Wilder is, at least at this moment, every bit as destructive against today's crop as Tyson was leading up to the Michael Spinks fight in June 1988.

Some will insist Tyson fought better opponents but the biggest difference between them is not level of opposition. What made an up-and-coming Mike Tyson so much bigger back then versus Deontay today is the difference in exposure.


Purported purses for a few of Wilder's previous bouts...

July 2016 - Wilder ($1.4 Million) vs Chris Arreola ($150,000)
Jan 2016 - Wilder ($1.5 Million) vs Artur Szpilka ($250,000)
Jun 2015 - Wilder ($1.4 Million) vs Carlos Molina ($250,000)
Jan 2015 - Wilder ($1 Million) vs Bermane Stiverne ($910,000)

If a non-mainstream belt-holder wants to earn a paycheck, he simply defends his title(s) - But if he wants to be a superstar and must-see TV one day, he has to fight the big names. And the brash, highly-outspoken Wilder gets it. He wants to be a mainstream commodity and seems to have the right mindset inside the ring coupled with loads of charisma outside it.

Don't be surprised to find another '0' on the end of Deontay Wilder's purported $10 Million net worth by 2020.


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