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Deontay Wilder: “If Stiverne wants to lay a glove on me, he’s going to have to earn it”

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With less than two weeks until the highly anticipated Heavyweight showdown between reigning WBC Champion Bermane Stiverne and undefeated knock-out artist Deontay Wilder, tension is building in both camps. Because the Vegas title fight is such a consequential and pivotal match-up, the two punchers have admittedly participated in trading shots while promoting the event.

While the incumbent champ is customarily a soft spoken individual, Bermane hasn’t yielded his efforts in questioning the credibility of the title challenger.

The proud fighter from Tuscaloosa, Alabama has understandably taken exception to the champ's claims.

“Stiverne has mentioned many times that he had to work his way to get to the title, and that I don’t deserve to be in this position because I haven’t done anything to get here.

Man, if you think I haven’t done anything to get here, then you haven’t done anything either,” states Deontay Wilder.

“What has he done outside of beating Chris Arreola? Other than the two Arreola fights, what has he done?”

“I actually have more experience than he does. I go to work everyday, unlike most Heavyweights who don’t go to the gym unless they have a fight coming up. Everyone is going to see who the better man is on fight night.”

Much criticism from fans and detractors alike has been directed to the resume, endurance, and physical durability of the unbeaten heavyweight, largely because he’s never had to go past four rounds in any professional outing.

Is the scrutiny merited?

The current WBC title holder seems to think so.

Several weeks ago, Bermane stated that he indeed possesses proof that Deontay Wilder doesn’t respond well to solid shot to the jaw.

“I have four different videos of sparring sessions that show him getting dropped on his a$$,” claims Stiverne. “I’m not going to tell anyone where I got the tapes from, but I do have footage that shows him getting knocked out, and I mean seriously hurt. Not just knocked out, but hurt.”

The tall, rangy Heavyweight contender points out that a fighter’s chin isn’t an issue if his opponent can’t reach it.

“The object of the game is to hit and not get hit,” states the 29 year old American hopeful. “And just like every fighter in boxing, I try as much as possible not to get hit. If any of my opponents want to lay a glove on me, they’re going to have to earn it.”

“I’m not about to get in the ring and let someone hit me just to prove how tough I am…especially not in the Heavyweight division. A prizefighter’s career is usually a short one, and I don’t plan to leave this sport slurring my words for anyone.”

What the hard punching challenger does plan to do is capture Bermane’s WBC Heavyweight title on January 17.

It’s something Deontay feels is inevitable.

“I have no doubt that my hand will be raised at the end of this fight,” professes Wilder. “The words out of the ring announcer’s mouth will be, ‘…and the new WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world, Deontay Wilder’. This is my time, and I plan on being here for a very long time.”


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