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Deontay Wilder: "He's the hardest hitting son of a b***h I've ever seen," warns Arum

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We are now one week removed from Deontay Wilder's proverbial "shot heard 'round the world", and the boxing community is still buzzing about the WBC Heavyweight champ's devastating one-punch KO of perennial contender Luis Ortiz.

The "coup de grace" came in the form of a perfectly timed straight right hand which landed flush to the jaw of the Cuban native in the closing seconds of round number seven in their scheduled twelve stanza contest.  Up until the point of the damaging blow, the incumbent title holder had conceivably lost every round and didn't seem to have any answers for the technically proficient southpaw.  

To Deontay's credit, he never panicked or showed any signs of desperation in the ring.  The 6'7" Heavyweight continually kept his cool and stayed focused until the desired opening revealed itself.  

In a recent interview with "MMA Tonight on Sirius XM Radio", the 34-year-old talked about how he set up the shot.

"I blinded him," Wilder proudly stated.  "I mesmerized him with four jabs in his face and came around.  I took a step to my left, which was his right.  I came up with the fake jab and came right down the middle with the right hand.  It was perfect."

Deontay Wilder also dared to answer his harshest critics who insist that the fight-ending right hand was indeed a lucky punch.

"I'm calculating everything," claims the current WBC champion.  "You've got to have practice.  You've got to have skill and you've got to know when the right time to use it.  It's all about that;  the calculating, the timing, setting up.  Everything that it does for me becomes muscle memory."

Even after explaining how the perfectly timed punch was set up, some very interested observers still aren't believers in Wilder's growth as a technically proficient puncher.

In a recent interview with boxing scribe Michael Woods, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum had a mixed bag of thoughts on Wilder's KO performance.

"Wilder demonstrated to me two things," Arum stated candidly on the Everlast TalkBox Podcast.  "One, he's piss poor as a boxer.  He has no footwork, no rhythm, no style.   Two, he's the hardest hitting son of a b***h I've ever seen."

So although the soon to be 88-year-old fight promoter isn't convinced that the Alabama native possesses the technical skills to best his February 22nd opponent, Tyson Fury, he humbly admits that Deontay has the power to neutralize an opponent's apparent advantages.

Does Deontay Wilder have the overall skill-set to finally score a decisive victory over the currently undefeated lineal champ?

Despite flooring the 31-year-old "Gypsy King" twice in their previous meeting, which happened almost exactly a year ago today, most ringside observers felt that Wilder was thoroughly outboxed for the great majority of the twelve round affair.  According to the judges at ringside, the action resulted in an enigmatic split draw.  

The Bob-father claims that Fury's ability to withstand the Bronze Bomber's best shot was not an anomaly, but a testament to his fighter's resiliency in the ring.

"Wilder knocked him down twice in the last fight that they had, but he gets up. He has tremendous recuperative power," Arum recently claimed in an interview with Michael Woods.

"In the 12th round of their last fight, when Wilder landed his best punch...and Fury’s head hit the canvas, it looked like he was dead for the next five minutes, but he rose before the count of 10.  But the important thing is what happened after that.  He didn’t just go into survival mode. He went into attack mode and was punching the hell out of Wilder."

"So I like Fury big in the fight with Wilder.”

Who will be victorious on February 22nd, 2020; Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury?  And who would you like to see the eventual victor face in the final half of the year?  Or should all promoters involved schedule a "round-robin" style Heavyweight tournament?

Let us know what you think in the comment board below!! 

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