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De La Hoya vs McGregor: Why Golden Boy KOs Notorious

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya wants to come out of retirement to face MMA star Conor McGregor.

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In fact, the 44-year-old De La Hoya, who claims to be back in training, insists he'd stop 29-year-old McGregor within two rounds. 

Will the Golden Boy, the second highest earner in the sport's history (after Floyd Mayweather), be successful in getting McGregor in the ring?

Who knows?

However, should Circus Act 2... er... De La Hoya vs McGregor happen, I not only like Oscar's chances, I think he keeps his promise and delivers a first or second round KO if the fight is contested between 154 and 168 pounds.

But didn't Conor take the great Floyd Mayweather nearly 10 rounds?

Answer: Yes and no

Anyone who thinks Floyd was legitimately putting forth an honest effort prior to Round 9 doesn't know Floyd Mayweather and is obviously a boxing novice at best.

Mayweather vs McGregor, although entertaining, was little more than a glorified sparring session.

FACT: Floyd Mayweather could have taken out Conor McGregor whenever he wanted. Once he put his foot on the gas in Round 9, the fight was over.

Conor is a gifted athlete and, should he switch to boxing full-time, could become a powerbroker in 4 or 5 years if he dedicated himself. But at this moment, he'd have no chance of defeating the great De La Hoya even though Oscar is well past his prime.

Boxing is an art and it takes years of hard work to reach the level attained by Mayweather and De La Hoya.

But those guys are past their prime, right?

Is a 22  year old with one year, total, of quarterbacking experience going to outperform 41 year old retired NFL great Peyton Manning?

No matter how athletic the younger guy is, he's simply not going to be on the same level - after one year - as a fella who played 18 seasons in the NFL, 4 years in college, 4 years in high school and probably a number of years in grade school so long as the more experienced guy isn't too old to compete.

Legendary musician Billy Joel is 68 years old and probably can't do some of the same things he could in his 30s and 40s. Does that mean a much younger individual who has never played the piano or sang a song in her/his life is going to outperform the 'Piano Man' after a year of training?

Umm no.

It's the same, relatively speaking, with McGregor vs Oscar. The Golden Boy, at this stage, doesn't defeat Canelo Alvarez or Triple G but is still probably good enough to be a top 10 middleweight by the end of 2018, and boasts far too much experience for Conor McGregor.

Like Billy Joel in music, Oscar is well capable of performing at a relatively high level in the ring because he's been in the sport so long and has seen it all.

Let's not forget, at a proverbial stone's throw from 50, Bernard Hopkins and George Foreman were still elite-level fighters. And UFC great Randy Couture was the organization's heavyweight champion well into his 40s.

A fella in his mid-40s with the skills of a Foreman, Mayweather, De La Hoya or Couture is a major league bada**.

Maybe their reflexes aren't as sharp as years ago, but their vast experience, impeccable technique and muscle memory can often compensate for reduced quickness and stamina and, in Oscar's case, ring rust; Especially against a very inexperienced opponent. 

That stated, it would be wise for Oscar to be in the best possible shape should he face McGregor because Conor, regardless of his inexperience and poor technique, would still be an elite athlete who is strong, well-conditioned and motivated.

If De La Hoya vs McGregor happens and Oscar is rockin' the six pack and chiseled face again, Notorious is going to be in a lot of trouble.


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