David Haye: Next fight should be Shannon Briggs

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Many in boxing thought former two division champion David Haye (28-2, 26 KO) would be facing another former belt-holder, Shannon Briggs (60-6-1, 53 KO), tonight.

But, for whatever reason, David opted to fight Tony Bellew instead. And as a result, there's tremendous bad blood between Briggs and Haye.

Briggs insists they had a verbal agreement to fight each other last fall. In fact, Shannon fought on the undercard of David's last fight leading many to think a Haye vs Briggs showdown was imminent.

In October in a recent, highly entertaining video produced by Tru School Sports, Shannon Briggs said:

"Your boy David Haye went on IFL TV ... and was talking crazy..."

"He [said he] thought once he won the title, it [Haye vs Briggs] would be a bigger fight."

"These are all lies. You're lying to your fan base."

"You're a coward and a liar. That was never discussed. We were gonna fight for nothing [no title], Champ."

But is there a method to Haye's madness?

If Briggs faces and defeats Fres Oquendo next, the former will have a share of the heavyweight title as the WBA has mandated Briggs and Oquendo to fight for it's 'regular' heavyweight title.

Will we see Briggs vs Haye in a WBA title showdown? It would be huge, even considerably bigger than tonight's showdown.

Not only do both fighters appear to have a genuine disdain for each other, they represent two of boxing's most bombastic personalities.

Moreover, both fighters are knockout artists with contrasting styles in the ring and would be competing for a share of the title.

Who cares Shannon is 45? Although he would be the clear underdog, he still possesses crippling power and, as a result, has a 'puncher's chance' against any heavyweight - including David Haye whose ability to absorb punishment is questionable. Let's face it, David doesn't get hit cleanly often.

Briggs is 9-0 on his comeback and boasts 36 first-round knockouts, more than any other heavyweight champion in history. And we know Shannon has a great chin, something that may serve him well against the explosive, quicker 'Hayemaker.'

If they are both victorious in the upcoming bouts, David Haye should fight Shannon Briggs next.


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