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David Haye and Tyson Fury Reignite the Heavyweight Division

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For many years the heavyweight division has been a literal wasteland that has contributed very little to its glorious legacy. The days of exciting champions like Rocky Marciano, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali seem to be over.

There are talented heavyweights today, just not enough.

Other weight classes have stepped up whilst the heavyweight giants have become obsolete.

Along comes David Haye and Tyson Fury.

From the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem like a good fight. The casual fan must be puzzled. Haye is fast and talented and Fury is slow with limited skills.

Fury talks a lot of smack but only seems to back it up by beating cruiserweights or small heavyweights. And David Haye, also a small heavyweight, is - like Fury - one of the biggest trash–talkers in boxing, but failed miserably to 'walk the walk' against Wladimir Klitschko two years ago.

Fury has openly said that he wants the fight and it is apparently as good as finalized. Haye wants the fight but says negotiations have a long way to go.


I’m sure money is an awkward obstacle but the make-or-break of this fight will be the television networks.

Haye is exclusive to Sky and Fury is exclusive to Channel 5.

I would expect David Haye to win convincingly but it isn’t a foregone conclusion. Haye has the speed and natural ability and is explosive and powerful for someone who is a natural cruiserweight. And while the small Haye beat Nikolai Valuev, the latter is arguably the worst heavyweight champion in history.

Although Haye has also struggled against tall fighters, I feel that he will be victorious and his speed will be the deciding factor if this fight is to be made.


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