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Cotto vs. Canelo prediction: “Miguel will win by knock-out,” says esteemed trainer

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During the first stop of the four-city “Cotto vs Canelo” media tour, Hall of Fame fight trainer Freddie Roach made the most of his limited time in front of the podium, keeping his message to the fight fans in attendance brief and to the point.

“I’m looking forward to a great fight,” stated the renowned boxing coach. “We have a hard training camp coming up and Miguel will be in great shape for this fight…and we will win by knock-out. Thank you.”

Once again, Coach Roach delivered his now routine “my fighter’s going to win by KO” guarantee before facing a perceived favorite and world class opponent.

Have Freddie’s predictions become something for amusement, rather than an important motivational tool or strategic message from a wise and experienced boxing trainer?

Or does the former prizefighter and Eddie Futch disciple genuinely know something to which most die-hard fight fans aren’t privy?

Although Roach’s heavy fisted combatant does possess 33 KO victories on his resume, his November 21st opponent has a very underrated defensive style, which customarily keeps him out of harm’s way in the ring. With only one professional loss on his record, no trips to the canvas floor, excellent reflexes, ring vision and upper body movement, what does the elite level boxing coach see that would lead him to this bold conclusion?

“He’s a little bit of a lazy guy, and he doesn’t train that hard” stated the seven-time trainer of year recipient to boxing scribe Michael Woods of The Sweet Science and RingTV. “He trained at Wildcard West…I own that gym. I know, when he trained there, how many times he showed up, and how many times he didn’t.”

“The kid’s not a disciplined fighter, and my guy is. We’ll break him down in the early rounds, and take him out in the later rounds…I promise you!”

Is this more “Roach rhetoric”? Or is Freddie really on to something?

To test the renowned trainer’s theory, three decade boxing coach and fight strategist James Gogue shared his personal experiences on a recent episode of “War a Week“ Radio, observing two modern-day greats in their respective camps, as well as his recollection of a recent and pivotal training camp with Canelo Alvarez.

“Throughout my entire career training fighters, two men specifically, who I’ve known since the amateurs, really stood out while observing their respective camps…Oscar De la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr.,” stated the expert trainer.

“Both fighters trained like they were possessed throughout their entire career…with discipline, urgency, focus, passion and a genuine sense of purpose.”

“But this was a work ethic and ideology developed and practiced while both fighters were just kids in the amateurs. They continued to train with the same fire and intensity as world champions.”

“When I visited Canelo’s camp, while he was preparing for the biggest fight of his career against Floyd, I was surprised to see Canelo work hard in spots then take breaks…not only when doing drills and working different stations around the gym, but while sparring in the ring.”

“And as you can see from looking at his performances in recent match-ups, he fights exactly like he trains…fighting hard in spots, but taking long breaks during each round between spurts of activity.”

With Gogue’s expert and unbiased observation, which seems to support Freddie Roach’s aforementioned testimony, could the seven-time trainer of the year be correct in his November 21st prognostication?

Will Cotto stop the favored Mexican fighter in the later part of their scheduled twelve round title fight?

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