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Chris Arreola: "I'm going to f*** Bermane Stiverne up!"

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After a very sportsmanlike promotion from both camps, Chris Arreola and Bermane Stiverne finally let their respective tempers flare during the final press conference on Thursday, May 8th, in Los Angeles, California. The Haitian born fighter, and slight betting favorite leading into Saturday night's main event, had a chance to take several verbal shots at this opponent before Chris had a chance to reach the podium.

"Ain't nobody going to beat me," declared Bermane Stiverne. "He ain't gonna beat me. They can talk that talk...I don't talk. I talk in the ring. I let the media talk...even when they talk sh**. Most of them have never been in the ring."

"I'm done talking. I do my talking in the ring. I know Chris likes to talk. So I'll let him come up to the mic and do what he does best...talking. I don't make excuses."

Bermane then targeted his rant directly to Chris Arreola for the remainder of his time in front of the podium.

"If you think for one minute that I couldn't knock you out during our first fight, you are wrong...you are so wrong. What you didn't know is that was the plan...to whoop you're a** ...not to knock you out, but to whoop you're a**."


"This fight...I'm going to drop you. You're going to get up, I'm going to whoop you and then I'm going to knock you out! You can have that silly face that you have right now, but that don't matter. In the back of you're mind you know...I swear to God you know. You know what's going to happen on Saturday night!"

"Go ahead, make a show here for people...look at me and sh**. Stare at me. It don't matter. Because in the ring...that mouth of yours, I'm going to shut it down! And this time it ain't no joke. I'm going to take your head off! Whatever you give me, I'm going to take it off. You can lose all of the weight you want, it don't matter. You can be in shape, and it don't matter."

"Because you don't have the skills I got or the power I got! Whatever you can do in the ring, I do it better. Ten times better. Remember where I'm from, man...you can have all of the heart and the balls that you want. But it ain't gonna help you...nothing will help you. Whoever you have in your team ain't gonna help you...nothing will help you. Think about that tonight when you're alone."

"Cause I'm for real, and nobody is going to beat me! Cause you're going to have a new champion and I'm going to bring the belt back to America, and it's going to stay in America and it's going to stay around my waist! That's all I've got to say!"

Arreola's longtime promoter, Dan Goossen then commenced to introducing his fighter, while making a friendly wager with Hall of Fame promoter Don King in the process.

"Come Saturday night you're going to see a man who I know to be the toughest Heavyweight in the world today when he's right physically and mentally," stated the customarily reserved California based fight promoter. "History is going to be made on Saturday night. We're going to have the first Mexican-American Heavyweight Champion.

"I don't know what you just said, Bermane, but I'm going to tell you right now that you're going to need a new hair-net after this. I'm so confident that Arreola will win this fight, that I'm willing to make a bet with Don king that the losing promoter shaves their head."

"I feel comfortable making that bet, because I have the next WBC Heavyweight Champion, Chris Arreola."


While Dan was introducing his fighter, Bermane interrupted the longtime promoter and stated that he would wager his entire purse on the bout's eventual outcome.

Ostensibly fed up with the banter, the "Riverside Nightmare" then made his way up to the press conference podium and exploded.

"My blood's boiling right now," exclaimed Chris Arreola. "This Saturday, I'm going to f*** you up! That's the God's honest truth! You'll see this Saturday, man! I ain't scared of nobody! Trust me...trust me, you'll see this Saturday!!"


"I've been cracked plenty of times and I keep coming...I keep coming and keep coming. This Saturday I'm gonna win this title! You know what, even if it wasn't for the title, I would f*** this guy up...F*** this guy!!"

"Now he's yapping!! Before today, I had respect for him. He's usually a quiet dude and I always had respect for him. But now, I'm gonna f*** you up!! You're gonna remember me! I promise you! I'm gonna tell you guys this...this Saturday, you guys are going to see a great fight. You guys are going to see history in the making...made by me! Not this Haitian...this Mexican is going to do it! Watch this!!"

"My blood is boiling right now! Thank you, Bermane...for getting me pumped up about this fight!"

The fight fans thank you as well, Mr. Stiverne!

The highly anticipated showdown between Chris Arreola and Bermane Stiverne for the WBC Heavyweight Championship will take place at the newly constructed Galen Center, located within the USC Campus in Los Angeles, California. The fight will be broadcast on ESPN with a live start time of 8PM EST/5PM PST.
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