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Chavez vs Silva odds: Duh, but it's still oddly alluring

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In another boxing vs MMA extravaganza, former middleweight belt holder Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (52-5-1-0-1NC) will face mixed martial arts legend Anderson Silva (1-1, 1KO) on June 19.

Both fellas are on the downside of their career, yet Chavez Jr vs Silva still intrigues for some very strange, off-beat, unexplainable reason.

Can a 46-year-old, past-his-prime mixed martial artist who is widely considered as the best ever in MMA beat a 35-year-old veteran boxer who is a former champion but has also seen better days?

Can Anderson beat Chavez Jr?

The odds say, “probably not” and common sense says it’s a “helluva longshot.” However, there always seems to be intangibles that make some fights more interesting than they should be.

… And such is the case with Chavez Jr vs Silva.

Chavez vs Silva odds

Per Sportsbettingdime.com, Chavez is only a -250 favorite while Silva is a lively +190 underdog. Hence, a successful $100 bet on Chavez Jr would deliver a $40 net (or $140 return) while the same winning wager on Silva would produce a $190 net (or $290) return.

Chavez vs Silva
Light heavyweights
June 19, 2021
Jalisco Stadium, Guadalajara, Mexico

So wait, a 35-year-old fella with 59 pro boxing fights is only a -250 favorite against a 46-year-old guy who is 1-1?

What gives?

Well, for starters, don't expect the Chavez vs Silva betting line to change much from now (Apr 20) until fight time.

Folks are giving Sliva’s MMA stand-up skills a little too much “boxing” credence. Yes, as a mixed martial artist Anderson Silva's striking accuracy, knockout power, potent jab and counterstrikes made him pretty dangerous against the grapplers and Ben Askrens of combat sports. And his footwork, for a mixed martial artist, was pretty good too. But, again, he looked crafty against fellas with no legitimate boxing experience.

As a veteran of 59 pro boxing matches, there’s not a lot Chavez Jr hasn’t seen in the ring. On the other hand, and despite Anderson’s long MMA career, there IS a lot he’s never been exposed to in the ring.

Silva, in a boxing match, has never faced anyone anywhere near Chavez Jr’s level - even today’s diminished version of Julio.

Combine that with Julio’s 11-year age advantage and the fact he’s still probably the lesser shot of the two and it’s difficult to see how Silva can win.

… Or is it?

Here’s the alluring part….
Anderson Silva loves boxing. He had his first pro boxing fight in 1998 and has always wanted to box. For most of the previous decade and before he started losing, Silva tried to get a deal done to face boxing legend Roy Jones Jr but was under contract with UFC who wasn’t about to let MMA’s top star tangle with an over-the-hill, 40-somethimg Jones who would have still carved him into pieces.

We know Silva has waited a long time to get into the boxing ring and face a name opponent. And we can also assume Silva, as a boxing fan and top mixed martial artist, has studied hundreds of hours of boxing video.  Hence, don’t expect him to look anything remotely like Ben Askren against Jake Paul last week.

Anderson will be in shape, motivated and excited when he steps into the ring against Chavez Jr – Can the same be said for Julio?

For all intents and purposes, this should be an easy, “gift” payday for Chavez but his mindset and level of preparation shouldn’t be indicative of that.

But what it if is?

We’ve seen him get a little lazy in training… We’ve seen him struggle or fail to make weight numerous times… And we’ve seen him get a bit sloppy in the ring, especially since his loss to Sergio Martinez in 2012.

If Silva enters the fight motivated and well-trained and Chavez is simply there for a paycheck and hasn’t taken the fight seriously, things could get a "little" interesting.

Granted, even an out of shape, unfocused Chavez should beat an in-shape and determined Silva, but Anderson is a legendary mixed martial artist and a proven winner, and this is boxing and things can change in the ring in an instant.

Could Silva time a sloppy Chavez coming in and end matters with a combination? Could Silva counter and overextended Chavez with a haymaker or two?

Chavez’s defense has been porous lately so we expect him to give Silva more than few windows of opportunity to land hard shots.

If you’re Anderson Silva, your best bet is to win is via a quick and sudden knockout, whether it comes via setting a trap or taking advantage of one of those opportunity windows Julio will give you.

FightSaga tidbit: Anderson Silva is 34-11-0-1NC in MMA. See his long list of MMA accomphishments.

In a best-case scenario for Silva, a knockout is very unlikely but not totally out of the question given Anderson’s perceived understanding of boxing and of range and distance, his athleticism and perceived natural power, and the potential for Julio get sloppy.

Julio should win easily but I still want to see it. How good, or bad, will Silva be in boxing? Can he make Chavez Jr struggle let alone do the unthinkable?

Please share your thoughts on Anderson's chances and the Chavez vs Silva odds.

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