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Charlie Zelenoff: Delusional internet troll believes he can beat Wilder, Pacquiao, and Floyd Jr

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Over the weekend, it was revealed by TMZ Sports that WBC Heavyweight mandatory title challenger Deontay Wilder informally tangled with cyber bully and internet troll Charlie Zelenoff after being harassed for almost three years. The infamous Charlie Z sent texts and phone messages, calling Deontay the "N word" and insanely threatening to harm Wilder's daughter.

The brief altercation took place on May 7th, at the Hollywood Boxing Gym. Wilder hoped that the hard left hook landed to the face of the abrasive Zelenoff would settle their squabble and detour future efforts of the insane boxing wannabe once and for all.

But to no avail, the self proclaimed "pound for pound best" was up and at it again after the story, which strangely seemed to stoke the interest of fight fans everywhere, surfaced over the weekend.

The ostensibly troubled and delusional Charlie Zelenoff sounded genuinely insane when sharing his thoughts on this video interview with ES News over the weekend.

"Deontay...I'm coming for you, punk," stated the trash talking internet troll, Charlie Zelenoff. "A rematch with Wilder would have a different result. Haters are delusional. I want the rematch to get my revenge and prove that the first fight was fluke."

In what's been characterized as an "authentic" fight by Zelenoff, the disturbed cyber bully got cracked by Deontay Wilder with a single left hook, consequently fell to his knees, and commenced to begging for mercy like a helpless coward.

But the seemingly "touched", wannabe prizefighter insists that the brief altercation's outcome was merely a fluke.

"I'm the greatest," insists Charlie Zelenoff. "Why didn't you bring this clown (Wilder), I wanted to f*** him up today, man. I want to get my revenge, to shut these clowns up on the internet."

Zelenoff truly feels that every fighter within the boxing community is currently avoiding him, with the exception of Deontay Wilder. Maybe they are, but not for the reasons that Zelenoff believes.

"Everyone but Wilder is avoiding the pound for pound best," claims Zelenoff.

The crazed and potentially dangerous internet personality even made claims in the attached video that he would defeat Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a prizefight.

"I'll beat them all...Pacquiao, Mayweather, all of them. I would knock Pacquiao out cold...he's too small. Are you kidding, man? If I'm beating up Heavyweights, he's too small. I broke a 280 pounder's nose. I'm the best."

"I don't respect mainstream boxing. Because everything that I've done in the underground, they've disregarded. I'm 55-1, with my only defeat coming from Wilder...and that was a fluke, and I want the rematch."

The delusional Charlie Z truly believes Floyd Mayweather Sr. to be one of the fifty-five defeated combatants.

"After I beat Mayweather, everyone started saying it was a sucker punch. After Mayweather, everyone I beat fair and square...these clowns still try to discredit me."

The You Tube personality is ostensibly troubled and his videos are truly disturbing.

The next time any legitimate prizefighter receives and phone call, text, or email from the insane internet troll, they should notify the proper authorities before someone gets seriously injured, rather than meeting Charlie Zelenoff at a gym.

Boxing is about sportsmanship and athleticism...not violence or revenge.
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