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Canleo vs Khan prediction: Floyd Mayweather Sr unleashes

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Never at a loss for words, Floyd Mayweather Sr., offered a rather interesting prediction for Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan on May 7.

"Overall I think Canelo is going to beat the hell out of him...," stated the usually-animated Mayweather to On the Ropes Radio.

"I think Canelo is going to do some bad damage to him, Canelo is going to put something on him, especially if he hits him once, he can forget it. If Amir gets hit with one good shot, he can call it a fight, good night."


Floyd Sr. then shifted gears, discussing Khan's futile attempts over the years to fight his son.

"We already know what that fight [Floyd Jr vs Khan] would be like, that fight won’t be but a one sided fight, he won’t get no points."

"He [Floyd Jr] beat people that have knocked your ass cold, what are you talking about? Get out of here, this man has been stretched so many times it’s pathetic," added the entertaining trainer.

Mayweather's son outclassed Canelo over 12 rounds in 2013. Following that bout, there was talk about Floyd Jr. fighting Amir Khan but that bout never came to fruition.


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