Canelo vs Triple G purses: Now this is shocking

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It's finally here!

It's Saturday, September 16...which means, it's Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter all rolled into one special evening for most boxing die-hards and avid fight fans.

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez will finally step in the ring with the most avoided man at 160 pounds and the current WBC, IBF and WBA Middleweight champion, Gennady Golovkin, this evening at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although the highly anticipated match-up is undoubtedly the most impactful of the entire 2017 boxing year, interested observers might be shocked as to how much, or how little, both fighters are being guaranteed for this dangerous, "winner take all" pairing.

Canelo vs Triple G purses vs Mayweather vs McGregor payout
According to the good people at the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Canelo has been guaranteed a base purse of $5 million, and the defending champion will earn a "whopping" $3 million payout for his efforts in tonight's Middleweight unification contest.

When considering how hefty Mayweather and McGregor's guaranteed purses were just three weeks ago, $100 million and $30 million respectively for their glorified exhibition, the disparity in payout should make every real fight fan want to puke.

No wonder CEO of Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De la Hoya was so irked about the "fraud of the century" taking place less than a month ago.

To be fair, Mayweather/McGregor did pull in a healthy $55.415 million from the live gate alone, even with 7K seats left unsold. And although Dana White's absurd 6.5 million purchase figure was greatly exaggerated, the actual number of 3.2 million purchases at $100 a pop justified the generous guarantee.

So even though the T-Mobile Arena will be a sell-out tonight, with roughly 22K tickets sold, why are the guaranteed purses so incredibly low for this high-stakes bout?

Hold up, fight's a little more complicated than the "meager" figures given to the NSAC.

Not part of the purse guarantees
Monies from international TV distribution, sponsorship, as well as the net proceeds produced by PPV sales aren't factored into the guaranteed purse amounts given to the state commission.

After all is said and done, both fighters are hopeful to earn well over the eight figure mark for one memorable "big drama show".

But when you consider the high expectations of this evening's ring endeavor, and how much they were guaranteed in their most recent PPV appearances, the number still seems a bit low.

Canelo vs Golovkin previous purses

Gennady Golovkin was guaranteed $2.5 million to take on Danny Jacobs earlier this year on HBO PPV, and $2 million for his efforts opposite Canuck David Lemieux, which was also aired on HBO PPV in October of 2015. While both contests were very intriguing and entertaining as well, neither match-up had the kind of earning potential that a super fight against Canelo Alvarez seems to possess.

And for currently being considered the top earner in North America, Canelo is ostensibly being short-changed here. For his most recent "snoozer" against Chavez Jr. on Cinco de Mayo weekend earlier this year, Canelo was guaranteed the same exact amount of $5 million.

Although $5 and 3 million isn't chump change by any stretch of the imagination, one would think purse guarantees would be higher for a clamored match-up with such lofty expectations.

Canelo vs GGG payout: A much better deal?
Perhaps the brass at Golden Boy and K2 Promotions factored in the possibility of Mayweather/McGregor taking place within a month's time when the deal was negotiated and finalized? Or maybe a greater percentage of the PPV revenue and promised monies on the back-end will indeed turn out to be a much better deal for both fighters after all is said and done?

One thing is for one will feel that either man was short changed if the highly anticipated match-up doesn't live up to its pre-fight hype in terms of action and drama.

So let's not concern ourselves with the business end of the sport any further. Just enjoy a real fight this time on PPV, and pray that both Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez decide to leave it all in the ring this evening!!


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