Canelo vs Khan: Prediction blockbuster

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Cinco de Mayo is here and so is the annual boxing spectacle.

This year it’s Canelo vs Khan.

The promoters and the media hyped up the bout and have convinced fans that Khan’s speed is going to make this fight competitive.

If you have tuned into social media or boxing websites about this fight, you have probably read about or heard that this is going to be a difficult challenge for Alvarez and how he is going to have to be on his game.
As we all know, fights are fought in the ring. They are not fought on message boards, nor are they determined by people’s opinions.

The only way to determine who the better fighter is, is to put them in the ring together. With that being said, my take on this bout is that Khan has no chance of winning. He is the smaller man, his defense is not that good at this level, and I cannot see him hurting Alvarez.

Canelo has improved tremendously each time out and he will keep getting better. Khan may try to circle Alvarez and put rounds in the bank by staying at long range and peppering Canelo with combinations.
This is much easier said than done.

Canelo is experienced enough not to follow Khan at a close enough range to where Amir can stop where he wants, throw a flurry, and then step away. Alvarez will stalk Khan at the right distance that will force Khan to start the exchange. Alvarez will time Khan’s jab and then fire right back with his own jab. But there is a big difference between Khan’s jab and Canelo’s jab. When Canelo counters with his jab, he will continually knock Khan backwards and it’s only a matter of time before he backs Amir into a corner and finishes him.

Canelo vs Khan prediction
I don’t see this fight going the distance or being very close. The only advantage Khan has is his speed. But even with that, he is not the better boxer.

Alvarez controls the range better, counters better, and has better timing. Speed alone will not be much of a factor. Khan has to put himself in positions to use his speed but he’s not as good as Alvarez with his feet or with his reactions.

Canelo vs Khan
Titles: WBC, RING Magazine (Alvarez def)
Division: Middleweight
Catchweight: 155 lbs
Date: May 7
Venue: T-Mobile Arena
Location: Las Vegas
Broadcast: HBO PPV

But even if the fight is close and Khan does well enough to outbox Alvarez, he will not win a decision. There is too much money in Alvarez keeping his winning streak alive and making bigger fights in the future.

In my opinion, this fight is not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.” When Khan tires and gets backed into a corner, there will be a brutal ending.

I don’t feel as if I'll be watching an athletic competition. It feels like an execution and I ask myself “at what point will I get to see Amir go down hard.” This is not the kind of fight that a top welterweight takes to prove a point of how good he is. This is the kind of fight that you see somebody take at the end of their career to make as much money as possible before retiring. A better option to further Khan’s career would have been to face Kell Brook in England in an attempt to win another world title at 147 pounds, and put himself in a better position.

As I said earlier, the winner of any fight can only be determined in the ring. We have to give Khan credit for taking such a difficult fight and hope that he is in top condition.

May the best man win.

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