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Canelo vs Khan Prediction: Carl Froch Likes Brit's Chances

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On Cinco de Mayo weekend, lineal middleweight champion Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez (46-1-1, 32 KO) will face elite-level welterweight Amir Khan (31-3, 19 KO).

After Canelo vs Khan was announced yesterday, many dismissed Khan's chances. In fact, one boxing writer suggested Gennady Golovkin vs Dominic Wade, which will take place a few weeks earlier, will be the more compelling fight.

The prevailing tone among fight fans is Canelo is too big and too strong for the presumably smaller, weak-chinned challenger.


But, in boxing, bigger isn't always better, especially when a fighter is as fast as Amir Khan.

Will know Khan will we be able to land some shots on Canelo... But will Canelo be able connect with bad intentions on the speedy Khan? We saw how a smaller Floyd Mayweather used his speed to neutralize Canelo's power and aggression, and punish him from long and medium range.

Without offering a prediction for Canelo vs Khan, retired former super middleweight champion Carl Froch believes the smaller Brit has a real chance.

"I was as surprised as everyone when on Tuesday night I found out that he’d be taking on Saul Alvarez but the more I think about it, he can definitely pull off an even bigger shock and win,” Froch told skysports.com. “If Khan uses his speed and his range and stays on his toes for the full 12 rounds, he has a real chance. He has great boxing ability – we know that.”

“To take Canelo on – up at least 10lbs in weight – deserves the utmost respect and for the fans it will be a great fight. For Khan, it will be a huge risk but I honestly think he can win this,” Froch said. “Taking on Canelo is a massive, brave gamble."

 "But there is also a chance that Khan could surprise us all again and actually win.”

Canelo winning via an early knockout is certainly not out of the realm. However, Canelo vs Khan is an intriguing bout, even if many are underestimating the Brit's chances.

Can a top, natural welterweight defeat a top, natural middleweight?

  • Trinidad TKO 5 Joppy - 2001
  • Hearns TKO 4 Roldan - 1988
  • Leonard SD 12 Hagler - 1987
  • Griffith UD 15 Tiger - 1966
  • Robinson TKO 13 LaMotta - 1951

Does Carl Froch have a point?


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