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Canelo vs GGG rematch prediction: Legend's surprise pick

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Although the bout was ruled a draw, most of us saw Gennady Golovkin outpoint a very game Canelo Alvarez in what may have been the latter's most impressive performance as a pro, last September.

The rematch, although it won't be confirmed until after New Year's, is likely to take place on May 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the T-Mobile arena.

Given the official Canelo vs GGG verdict, it’s easy to surmise that Alvarez enjoyed the benefit of the doubt in  close and/or difficult-to-score rounds on judges' cards. Thus, as the A-side fighter, Alvarez entered the bout with a small, unofficial scoring advantage and will do so again in the rematch.

Alvarez fought well but appeared to come up short as Golovkin was the effective aggressor and seemed to control the tempo and land the cleaner shots. Canelo simply couldn't keep up with busier GGG, often retreating instead of punching.

... But not everyone is convinced Golovkin deserved the nod.

Enter fight legend Roberto Duran who shared some advice for Alvarez before the bout.

"When the Golovkin and Canelo fight came, I told Canelo not to worry," Duran said to ESPN Deportes. "I told Canelo, do not worry that Triple G is coming to kill you because that's going to work in your favor."

"I told him to remember that a Mexican gives as good as he takes and that's how it was - Golovkin came to kill him. I said to Canelo, box him a little bit and you are going to win, you hit hard and he is going to deliver, and for me Canelo won."

Duran even went as far as saying Canelo might even knockout Golovkin in the rematch.

"The rematch is coming. He already got to know him and he's going to look better in the rematch, and I think that he might even knock him out," Duran said.

Canelo has a great team and it will make adjustments for the rematch based on what happened in the first fight. 

So, how many adjustments will GGG's team make? Given their strategy seemed to work (despite the faulty verdict), they might not change their approach much and simply hope the scoring is better the second time around.

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