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Canelo vs GGG rematch clause: Why Alvarez has one and Golovkin doesn't

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Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin is official for September 16th, 2017.

And while it may be too early to talk about a rematch, there's an interesting clause in the contract that addresses it.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the contract states in the event Golovkin defeats Canelo, Alvarez and Co would have the right to an immediate rematch. However, should Canelo win, he wouldn't have to grant GGG an immediate rematch.

This is unusual given Golovkin is the middleweight champion. Throughout boxing history, only a popular champion or fight legend has ever had the leverage to demand an immediate rematch as a prerequisite to coming to terms.

So why will Canelo have the right to exercise a rematch clause and GGG won't?

For starters, Alvarez, as the A-side, can make more demands than GGG. The A-side fighter, of course, is the presumed bigger attraction and ticket seller.

Canelo Alvarez is Golden Boy Promotions' cash cow. Why would they put their ace in the ring with GGG without some form of insurance or protection?

Should Canelo lose and Golovkin seek other challenges, the promotional company would likely take a major hit, financially, as the success of Golden Boy is highly dependent on Canelo's stock.

So, essentially, Golden Boy is saying: GGG must beat Canelo twice to dethrone him as boxing's top draw.


  1. Should Golovkin soundly defeat Canelo, GGG may become boxing's biggest star for that moment BUT he'd have to face - and beat - Canelo again to maintain that status.

  2. Golden Boy likes the odds of Alvarez winning at least 1 of 2 against Golovkin.

  3. Back-to-back superfights assures Canelo and Golden Boy will, at the very least, be compensated well in the event Alvarez dropped both fights

  4. A rematch probably wouldn't happen until April or May so the promotional outfit would have a little extra time to attempt to build other fighters in its stable while still relevant as a promotional entity.

Golovkin isn't granted a rematch for obvious reasons. It's hard to see him losing back-to-back fights to anyone 154-168 pounds.

Should Canelo win, Golden Boy certainly wouldn't want to give Golovkin a second opportunity unless the projected purse was too high to refuse. Regardless, in the event of a Canelo victory, Golden Boy wants - and has - the option to agree to or decline a rematch.

Gennady Golovkin is the slight favorite, but Golden Boy is using Canelo's stock to stack the odds in its favor.


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