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Canelo vs GGG 3: "We may see DAZN force Golovkin to fight Alvarez in September," says expert trainer

Joseph Herron Updated
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Will fans ever get to see a third super-fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin?

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the current IBF Middleweight champion stated that he plans to postpone the "rubber" match even further...if he can.

“I made a commitment before all this situation with coronavirus happened,” GGG stated to SI. “I’m talking about my fight with Szeremeta. I intend to keep my word. Once the situation changes, as soon as everything is back to normal, I intend to have this fight first."

Because of Canelo and Golovkin's steep contracted amount per fight, respectively guaranteed by DAZN, the subscriber-based network is hoping to stage a massive third undertaking between the two global icons as soon as they receive the proverbial green light from all interested governing parties.

For this reason, three-decade fight trainer James Gogue believes Golovkin may not have the luxury of picking and choosing his next opponent if he wants to compete in 2020.

"I understand why Golovkin would want a tune-up fight before facing Canelo...especially after such a long layoff," says the experienced fight trainer and manager. "But he may not have a say if he wants to make another eight-figure payday in his next fight."

"DAZN has been patient, giving GGG over $30 million to fight Steve Rolls and Sergiy Derevyanchenko. And now he wants to fight Szeremeta for another $15 million? I don't think they're going to be so accomodating this time. Especially when you consider how many subscriptions they've lost since the coronavirus pandemic."

"They need to start seeing a greater return on their investment, or Golovkin may be forced to sit out. Remember, boxing isn't like the NFL or NBA, in which a contracted player gets paid whether he performs or not. A fighter doesn't get paid unless he competes in the ring."

"And if DAZN doesn't approve of the opponent, they'll either put pressure on Team Golovkin to face their preferred option or put him on ice. Throughout my involvement in the sport, I've seen it happen many times."

In a year that should have already yielded several spectacular events, boxing fans, promoters, and fighters are wondering whether or not the sweet science will even be featured on the biggest stages of the sport within the 2020 calendar.

And for a subscriber-based network like DAZN, who has admittedly spent millions of dollars cultivating their clientele and building a regular fanbase, the current COVID 19 pandemic has been a nightmare.

With several blockbuster match-ups already scrapped or postponed, and no events firmly slated on the immediate horizon, many fans have understandably dropped their DAZN subscriptions, further hindering any plans of progress or growth.

In order to increase its subscription numbers once again, the network will have to come back in a big way. There's very little chance GGG vs. Szeremeta will do much to energize their paying customers.

Gogue offers another explanation as to why DAZN may insist on seeing Canelo vs. Golovkin 3 sooner rather than later.

"Look, as vulnerable as Golovkin has appeared in his last three fights, I wouldn't doubt it if DAZN is fearful that GGG may lose against a tough durable opponent like Szeremeta. A loss against a good but unheralded fighter like Szeremeta would completely tarnish any luster surrounding a third fight with Alvarez."

"The match-up between Canelo and Golovkin has already decreased in popularity since their second meeting. Another loss on his record would ruin any remaining interest in a third fight. And with four fights remaining on GGG's inflated contract with DAZN, don't be surprised if they force his hand to fight Alvarez next."

Before meeting with DAZN Executive chairman John Skipper in March, Canelo and his team had little to no interest in facing GGG a third time. It's no coincidence that Alvarez developed a "change of heart" since discussing the situation with network officials.

Don't be surprised if fans witness the same behavior from Team Golovkin in the near future.

Would fans prefer to see a third fight between GGG and Canelo or other match-ups featuring both DAZN superstars?

The truth will inevitably be revealed in time.


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