Canelo vs GGG 2: Rematch results, scoring

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Tonight, middleweight champion Gennady "GGG" Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KO) faces superstar Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KO) in a rematch of their September 2017 affair when they battled to a 12 round draw.

So, what were the results tonight?

Scores were 114-114, 115-113 for Canelo Alvarez!


HBO and SKY Boxing scored it for Golovkin by 4 points. For me, this fight was the one that could have been a draw.


Round by Round 

Golovkin gets more cheers during the ring announcement.

Round 1: Close round; A lof of jabs. Canelo appeared to get more shots in. No fireworks but certaoinly not unevventful.
Result: Canelo 10-9

Round 2: Hard left hook catched GGG; He takes it well. Canelo lands a hard right. Big body shots by Canelo. Canelo aggressive. Strong for Canelo.
Result: 10-9 Canelo

Round 3: Canelo beating GGG to the punch. GGG eating jabs. Canelo winning the exchanges
Result: 10-9 Canelo

Round 4
GGG starts on the attack; Canelo still getting more shots in. Sweet uppercut by GGG; GGG busier this round. More exchanges. Golovkin's shots bigger; Good round Golovkin
Result: Golovkin 10-9

Round 5
Big jab from Golovkin; Fighters missing big shots; Good body shots by Canelo; GGG boxing, Canelo boxing. Close round. GGG landing more, Canelo landing harder.
Canelo 10-9

Round 6
Hard body shots by Canelo; Body shots look to be slowing GGG; Fighters starting to mark up. Canelo pursuing. GGG is more consistent, Canelo is more eye-catching. Close round
Round even 10-10

Round 7
GGG looks tired; Canelo building points. GGG looks tentative. Canelo pursuing. Good uppercut by GGG;  Golovkin took round off
Result:10-9 Canelo

Round 8
Canelo dominating the first minute; GGG looks warn continues to unleash. Great footwork by GGG. Hard uppercut by Canelo GGG says it didnt hurt. GGG came back the second half.
Round even 10-10

Round 9
GGG retreating but outboxing. Close round
Result: Golovkin 10-9

Round 10
Canelo unleashing shots. Starting fast. Right hand by GGG STUNS Canelo. GGG unloading. Now Canelo comes back. Another big shot from GGG.
Result: 10-9 GGG

Round 11
Smelling blood, GGG starts fast. Canelo retreating. GGG looks confident. CANELO IN TROUBLE. Canelo still throwing. GGG land a great left hook. Canelo lands hard body shot at the round's close.
10-9 Golovkin

Round 12
AWESOME GGG UPPERCUT! Canelo going for broke. Golovkin good uppercuts inside. Alvarez buzzes GGG with a combo. GGG lands hard at the bell.
Result: Even 10-10

FightSaga scoring:
Golovkin - 4 Rounds  (10-9)
Canelo - 5 Rounds -  (10-9)
3 Rounds Even (10-10)

Titles at-stake

RING Magazine: Vacant
WBA / WBC: Golovkin defending


Ages: Golovkin 36, Canelo 28
Prevailing sentiment: Golovkin should have won the first fight
Rematch clause: As part of the negotiations process for last year's encounter, Alvarez was contractually promised an immediate rematch should his team pursue it. And to no surprise, Team Canelo has executed that option.
Size: Canelo looked smaller than he did a year ago leading some to believe he was, in fact, of legitimate PEDs the first time
Odds: Not unlike in their first encounter, Golovkin was a slight favorite
RING: Golovkin entered as its No. 1 middleweight and top boxer boxer in the world, pound-for-pound
IBF: Golovkin was stripped last May for facing Vanes Martirosyan instead of it's mandatory contender Sergiy Derevyanchenko who will face Daniel Jacobs for the IBF belt


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