Canelo Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr purses

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It was more of a showcase than the competitive fight many had hoped for.

Last night, Canelo Alvarez sounded defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, dominating his foe from start to finish and coasting to a clean sweep on the judges' cards, 120-108.

Canelo vs Chavez Jr seemed like a good idea. Boxing needs stars, and the best way to create them is to showcase them in big fights in front of large, mainstream audiences.... Regardless of whether they always make 'boxing' sense.

And despite the lopsided affair, perhaps it was a fine idea after all. Canelo Alvarez shined in front of a mainstream audience and may have enhanced his drawing power and superstar status.

Canelo vs Chavez Jr purses

So how much did the fighters make?

According to the Nevada Athletic Commission, Canelo's guarantee was $5 Million and Chavez's $3 Million. Alvarez will also reportedly receive a percentage of the gate and pay-per-view buys as well as payouts from Mexican networks that broadcasted the bout.

In the end, Alvarez might garner upwards of $8-12 Million.

Attendance at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was 20,510.

A year ago, Canelo Alvarez was listed to receive a guaranteed $3.5 million purse while Amir Khan, his opponent, was slated to earn $2 Million. Of course, those sums didn't include the aforementioned supplementary revenue sources.

And for his most recent bout against Liam Smith last September, Canelo Alvarez earned his customary $3-3.5 Million pre-fight guarantee in addition to proceeds from Mexican TV and PPV incentives.

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