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Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin: "We're not running from GGG!"

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At a recent media day in San Diego, CA, lineal Middleweight champion Saul "Canelo" Alvarez addressed the boxing press, and was immediately seen with an apparent "shiner" around his right eye.

Without any trepidation or embarrassment, Canelo seemed genuinely proud of the obvious blemish.

"It's a battle scar," stated the 26 year old fighter. "It's what goes into the training. It's just part of the work, and shows that I'm working hard for this fight with Liam Smith."

And while many of the questions posed by the always intrusive fight game media involved Canelo's upcoming fight with the current WBO Junior Middleweight title holder, the great majority of their inquiries were about the ongoing criticisms coming from Golovkin's camp, accusing the popular fighter of purposely avoiding the lucrative match-up.

"You know, I had the chance to meet him and befriend him when we were up at Big Bear Lake, working together," Canelo Alvarez to ESNews. "So it's a little disappointing, hearing some of his comments. More than anything, I think it's the people around him that are influencing him...but that's his problem."

When repeatedly asked if he genuinely wanted to face GGG next year, the proud Mexican fighter seemed a bit "put off".

"Any day...whenever it happens, it's going to happen, but any day I'm ready for anybody, including Gennady Golovkin. The day it happens, I'm going to be ready for him."

Rather than continue with negotiations instigated and monitored by the WBC four months ago, Canelo surprisingly relinquished the sanctioning organization's version of the Middleweight world title, which was originally won by defeating Miguel Cotto last year. According to his promoter, Oscar De la Hoya, the gesture was a strategic maneuver to eliminate any leverage the WBC had given the interim title holder, Gennady Golovkin, during their meetings back in May, and not an attempt to avoid the 160 pound puncher.

Canelo admits the terms of the fight contract will be a big part in determining whether or not a future bout with Golovkin actually takes place. But according to the counter punching red-head, the fight with GGG will eventually materialize.

"It depends on the negotiation...it has to be the right deal, but look...they're always saying that we're running or whatever, but we want the fight! We want the fight! Everyone wants to see the fight. The fight will happen when it happens, but talk of 'this person wants it more, they want it more,' is pointless...we all want the fight, and it's going to happen."

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