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Canelo Alvarez: Relinquishing WBC title won't 'immediately' impact fighter's stock

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According to Gennady Golovkin's trainer, Abel Sanchez, Canelo Alvarez, should he defeat Amir Khan on May 2, must formally agree to face 'GGG' this fall or relinquish his WBC-sponsored middleweight belt.

Is RING Magazine / WBC champ Canelo Alvarez looking to sidestep his peer in the division, Gennady "GGG" Golovkin?

If so, it appears the WBC is ready to take action.

"There is an order that I have a copy of, that was signed by all parties concerned," Sanchez told On The Ropes Boxing Radio.

"Golden Boy, the Canelo group, K2 and Gennady signed it, and it says they have fifteen days after Canelo’s fight to say whether they want to fight [Gennady Golovkin] or not. Once they say they want to fight, they have thirty days after that to negotiate terms," Sanchez added.

So what's the problem?

Canelo's team won't budge on their insistence that Canelo vs Golovkin, should it happen in 2016, would have to take place at a 155 lb catchweight, 5 pounds below the middleweight limit of 160. And yes, Team Canelo made the same stipulation to Amir Khan.

Essentially, we have a middleweight champion who wants his bouts contested at no more than a pound above super welterweight. Hence, he doesn't really want to fight at middleweight even though opponents are not obligated to weigh less than 160.

He's the 155lb champion.

What if the WBC strips Canelo?

Alvarez's reputation will be dented but he'll still have the most prestigious title of all, distinction as the RING Magazine (lineal) champion for awhile longer. More importantly, so long as he's successful in the ring, he'll have a large, mainstream fanbase who will support him.

There are so many belts these days anyway, most casual fans don't even try to keep up. Fighters are bigger than titles.

Also, a lot of hardcore fans will continue to order his bouts for awhile longer so long as the opponent is interesting.

From a monetary standpoint, sidestepping Golovkin may not hurt Canelo immediately as it'll take awhile for its significance to trickle down to the casual fan. Eventually, though, non hardcore junkies who follow Canelo will understand their hero has imposed his own cap and chosen to avoid any middleweight who won't trim down an extra 5 pounds to fight him.

Remember Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr? His team avoided Sergio Martinez until it started to impact the former's stock and credibility.

If Canelo refuses to fight GGG this fall and is subsequently stripped of the WBC belt, he'll remain a hot commodity in boxing for at least another fight or two.

Eventually, though, his catchweight request will start chipping away at his stock and he'll earn a reputation as a fighter who doesn't fight the best, or anyone at all over 155 pounds for that matter.


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