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'Canelo' Alvarez: Boxer and Oscar put Floyd Mayweather, Showtime/CBS in check

Joseph Herron Updated
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It's official. Showtime just lost one of the biggest stars of boxing.

On Tuesday, former Junior Middleweight Champion Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and his promoter, Hall of Fame fighter Oscar De La Hoya, announced that Mexico's biggest ticket seller and box office draw would indeed be staging his fights on the grandest stage of boxing, HBO, once again.

The explosive news comes just ten days after Floyd Mayweather's dominant effort over Marcos "El Chino" Maidana, which was broadcast on September 13th via Showtime PPV, and consequently serves as a painful reminder as to why Golden Boy Promotions ultimately made the jump to the rival network.

Because of CBS and Showtime Sports' massive monetary commitment to the biggest money maker in the sport, the network understandably wasn't willing to give the hard punching Mexican national the "Cinco de Mayo" and "Grito de Dolores" fight dates he desired.

According to senior advisor to Golden Boy Promotions Don "War a Week" Chargin, it was a crucial factor in making the move to the rival stage, and a business maneuver that Golden Boy feels will ultimately pay off for their star fighter in a resounding manner.

"I truly believe that Canelo will realize his potential in becoming the biggest star of the sport," claims the Hall of Fame promoter and matchmaker.

"You have great promise here with the possible match-ups on HBO PPV. Obviously everyone is excited about the prospect of pitting Canelo with Miguel Cotto on May 2nd of next year, but we also can see him eventually facing James Kirkland, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Gennady Golovkin, and Manny Pacquiao."

"And at the end of the day, that's what fight fans care about the most...the match-ups. Especially on the PPV stage, fans want to see special fights on the special platforms. They really couldn't care less what promoter or network is staging the event, fans simply want to see the best take on the best."

"Canelo and Oscar see that kind of potential working with HBO."

Since 2009, Floyd has taken center stage on the big Mexican holiday weekends in successive efforts with Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, Victor Ortiz, Miguel Cotto, Robert Guerrero, Canelo Alvarez, and most recently Marcos Maidana.

mayweather guerrero weigh-in

Although Mayweather has been adamant about staging events on the coveted national holiday weekends in the past, the pound for pound king might consider looking for another slot on next year's boxing calendar, especially when taking Floyd's hefty $32 million dollar guarantee attached to each performance into account, as well as the strength of the proposed 2015 HBO match-up.

Many boxing observers have noted that an elusive Mayweather/Pacquiao super fight could rival the anticipation and earning potential of a Canelo/Cotto pairing. But the clamored mega fight hasn't materialized up to this point for numerous reasons that have been well documented, and many insiders doubt that the differences between all parties involved will ever be rectified to finally put together a Mayweather/Pacquiao dream fight.

The six decade fight promoter favors Oscar and Canelo's current situation.

"Floyd just might be stubborn enough to stage a match-up on the same day as 'Canelo vs. Cotto'," chuckles Don Chargin. 

"But certain pairings are strong enough that they're not affected by things of this nature. I really think 'Canelo vs. Cotto' is one of those fights. It's a 'Mexico versus Puerto Rico' rivalry bout on 'Cinco de Mayo' weekend, and a great style match-up with two of the biggest fighters in boxing."

The probable May 2nd headliner wouldn't be a possibility without the merging of Golden Boy Promotions and Home Box Office. Don attributes the successful union between the two boxing powerhouses to the determination, work ethic, and image of his protégé, five division world champion Oscar De La Hoya.

"Oscar has really been surprising everyone in the industry with the work that he's doing to re-establish himself as a promoter," claims "War a Week" Chargin. "Everyone thought Richard Schaefer's absence would be the end of Golden Boy Promotions, but Oscar is reminding everyone that a large part of GBP's success was due to Oscar's image and relationships within the industry."

"Obviously timing is everything, and this was the perfect time to move forward and repair the once fractured relationship between Golden Boy and HBO. Everyone in the sport is continuously looking out for their own best interests, and it was in Canelo and Golden Boy's best interest to make the deal with HBO at this time."Canelo is elated about the move and can't wait to showcase his talents for the HBO audience."

Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez bigger than Mayweather vs Pacquiao today, insists legendary matchmaker

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