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Tonight, heavyweight powerbrokers Dillian Whyte and Lucas Browne will collide to determine who'll advance as a serious contender in the division.

The winner of Browne vs Whyte winner will be mentioned in the same sentence with other top contenders such as Tyson Fury and Alexander Povetkin, and is almost guaranteed a title shot within a year.

So, who do you like?

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Do you favor the skills of Whyte or power of Browne?

Here are some Whyte vs Browne predictions from the boxing world.

Dereck Chisora - Longtime heavyweight contender, former Whyte opponent
"If someone is going to get knocked out, Dillian will get knocked out," Chisora told SkySports.

"Dillian Whyte hasn't got a power punch. We know Lucas Browne has got a power punch."

Prediction: If it goes the distance, Whyte wins. Otherwise Browne wins by KO.

Carl Froch - Former middleweight and super middleweight world champion
"Given the age and experience advantages Whyte has, I think we could see him see Browne off with a late stoppage," Froch told SkySports.

"If Whyte wins this it should give him a world title attempt, but the one thing he needs to do is impress people."

Prediction: Whyte via late rounds stoppage

Rounds and Youth
Heavyweight contender David Price thinks the 9 year age difference will work to the 29 year olds Whyte's advantage while Tony Bellew is concerned about Whyte getting stung by the heavy-handed Browne after 8 rounds when fatigue might start to set it.

Solid Point: "Browne can punch but, if you're just looking for one big punch against a good fighter you won't find it," David Allen told Sky Sports.

Lee Cleveland - FightSaga
Almost everyone seems to be favoring Whyte - and for good reason. He's the better technician and is quicker, younger and seemingly more athletic.

And let's not forget, Browne was being thoroughly outboxed by a presumably rusty, pudgy Ruslan Chagaev before the latter tired badly attempting to close the show following a knockdown of Browne.

Browne should be able to coast to a points verdict - And a KO of Browne certainly isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Prediction: Whyte via wide UD

The case for Browne

If you're looking for reasons to get excited about Lucas Browne's chances, you can find them.

For starters, Browne started his boxing career late so he's a youth 38. He doesn't have the wear and tear of most fighters that age.

Power and Durability
Of course, Browne's power is key to the entire fight. A nuke that can't be deployed is harmless, and if Whyte proves too agile and skillful tonight, Browne's power won't be a factor. However, the onus is on Whyte to fight virtually mistake-free, not Browne. Lucas can afford to make a few mistakes, but a Whyte mistake could cost him the fight.

Browne has also proven very durable. He will continue to apply pressure even when eating hard shots and is dangerous when hurt.

The Lure
Because fighters are innately courageous and have tremendous bravado, many, even well-schooled tacticians, succumb to the lure of a brawl. Evander Holyfield anyone?

If Browne can lure Whyte into going toe-to-toe, the former's chances to win increase exponentially. Remember Whyte vs Chisora?

And let's not forget, there's pressure on both guys to not only win, but look good. Remember what Froch said... "If Whyte wins this it should give him a world title attempt, but the one thing he needs to do is impress people,"

Advantage: Lucas

If Whyte takes the first six rounds but isn't impressive, look for him to start taking more chances and make himself more vulnerable in the process.

Whyte vs Browne
Lucas Browne can't be in a boring fight. He boasts tremendous heart and punching power and is flawed defensively.

Expect to see a lot of action.

Whyte vs Chisora: Sick highlights


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