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Brad Pitt | Cruiserweight Now Ranked No. 23 by BoxRec

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No, he's not the world famous actor but boxing's Brad Pitt hopes to be just as successful.

Unless you have been living in a hole for the past twenty years, you are undoubtedly familiar with Hollywood's legendary actor, Brad Pitt.

But are you familiar with his namesake?

Born Bradley Michael Pitt, this Australian cruiserweight upstart has amassed a record of 13-0 with 10 big wins coming via knockout and is now ranked No. 23 in the world by BoxRec, ahead of Roy Jones Jr (No. 25) and Enzo Maccarinelli (No. 31).

Nicknamed "Hollywood" for obvious reasons, this Brad Pitt, at least for now, is best known for winning the Heavyweight Gold Medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and for qualifying for the 2008 Olympics in Sydney.

Pictured: Brad Pitt left this message on his Facebook page earlier this week.


The 31 year old resident of Melbourne turned pro on September 25, 2009, smashing Shaun Salisbury in the first round. Since then, Brad Pitt has been quite active. He racked up two more wins that year, three in 2010 and sent a strong message to contenders by going 6-0 (5 KOs) last year.

In his most recent bout in May, Pitt bloodied his opponent to such a degree that pictures from the contest renewed abolitionists' cries to ban boxing 'Down Under.'

The Victorian branch president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr. Stephen Parnis, used the gory photos to support his notion the sport should be banned.

"The inescapable fact is that the aim of this sport is to harm your opponent and render them unconscious. There is no safe way of doing that," Parnis said. (Courtesy MSN Fox Sports)

He gets knockouts, draws blood and - according to his fans - is easy on the eyes, presumably much like the actor. But most of all, he already has a big name.

Name recognition is arguably more important in boxing than any other sport. A fighter can be a multi-division world champion but if the public fails to recognize his name, he will have trouble selling tickets and generating significant interest in himself or his bouts. But for boxing's Brad Pitt, name recognition should be the least of his concerns.

If he becomes a marque fighter, he'll be absolutely huge!

Brad Pitt will enter the ring again on October 26 against an opponent yet to be selected.

Video: Brad Pitt KOs Daniel Ammann


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