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Boxing training: Free bootcamps helping women lose weight, maximize health

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Boxing isn't just for the pros.

A nonprofit organization called Live Life Get Active is running free health camps in 31 areas around New South Wales, Australia to combat obesity and improve overall physical and mental health.

Yes, it's free; And it's subsidized by commercial organisations and local councils.

So, is this really boxing?

We don't think there's any hardcore sparring but participants learn to punch, unleashing hooks, jabs, uppercuts and crosses on hand-held punching mitts at timed intervals.

Sessions take place outdoors and start in the morning, and participants are raving about the benefits insisting they have improved energy, mood and focus throughout the day.

These free bootcamps are especially attractive to young moms who want to lose their baby weight and socialize but can do without stuffy, high-priced indoor gyms surrounded by mirrors and egos.

The good, free workout combined with the fresh air, sun and warm attitudes also seems to serve as a frustration-reliever for those involved.

Is the U.S.doing anything like this?

Although open to everyone, these camps are female-dominated and, in addition to boxing, offer crosstraining and yoga.

Critics of the sport should examine programs like Live Life Get Active.and don a pair of boxing gloves themselves.

Source: Australian Broadcasting Association, Free boot camps come out swinging against obesity, diabetes and depression


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