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Boxing coronavirus prediction: October (at the earliest)?

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Due to coronavirus, most professional sports halted activity earlier this month.

When will professional sports, including boxing, return at full-speed?

According to UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jenny Harries, it could take at least six months.

“Over time, probably over the next six months, we will have a three-week review, where we will see where we’re going,” Harries stated via WorldBoxingNews. “We need to keep that (self-isolation) lid on.

"Gradually we’ll be able to adjust some of the social-distancing measures, and gradually get us all back to normal."

“I think three weeks for review. Two or three months to see if we’ve really squashed it, with about three to six months ideally. And there’s lots of uncertainty in that."

“But then to see at which point we can actually get back to normal. And it is plausible that it could go further than that.”

Later than October?

All sports are suffering financial damage during the international lockdown — and it's possible boxing could be KO'd the rest of 2020.

It's believed the U.S. has yet to feel reach peak level as the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 continues to grow. So far, 80% of patients experience a mild form of the illness, which can include a fever and pneumonia, and many of these cases require little to no medical intervention.

As of March 30 at 12:25am EST, the U.S. has 142,350 confirmed coronavirus cases and 2,503 deaths.


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