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Boxing ban lifted: Nation allows boxing... sort of

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Newly-elected government leaders have agreed to lift the ban on boxing in Norway, thanks to leaders of the Conservative Party there. The ban of boxing, or sports that don't restrict knockouts, went into effect in 1981; Thirty-two years ago.

There's not much backlash from Parliament as support for this initiative transcends party affiliation.

There will be, however, restrictions.

Fights can be scheduled for only a maximum of 12 minutes and participants must use headgear.

Based on these limitations, one might say the ban has been "partially" lifted. Nevertheless, it's a step in the right direction.

Norwegian Cecilia Brækhus, the world's top female boxer, is apparently elated about the decision.

Welterweight Boxing Champion Cecilia Brækhus (23-0, 7 KO) - The world's top pound-for-pound female boxer


"This is so exciting," Brækhus told Aftenposten via Uganda. "I look forward to coming home."

Not only will Ms. Brækhus be able to finally conduct business in a boxing ring in front of her countrymen, full contact kickboxing and karate will be permitted.

But not everyone is on board.

"I'm advising (Prime Minister-elect) Erna (Solberg) and Siv (Jensen) to think twice about this," brain surgeon Ingunn Rise Kirkeby told Aftenposten on Friday.

The doctor believes boxing, as well as other sports where head trauma is not uncommon, increases the chances for concussions and severe brain injuries, apparently even with Norway's tight restrictions.

Advocates of professional boxing and other martial arts would argue: Driving cars puts us at increased risk for accidents so does that mean we should abolish automobiles too?

What about alcohol and high-calorie goodies such as cake and pie? Don't they put individuals at greater risk for numerous ailments? Maybe Norway should ban them too?

Many would attest this crusade against boxing is nonsense and that it's deplorable it lasted so long.

Dr Ingunn Rise Kirkeby, despite losing the war, is hell-bent on winning a battle or two as she's now lobbying to pass legislation that requires use of "helmets" in boxing.

Request denied.

Norway's boxers will compete without "helmets."

When notified about Dr. Kirkeby's comments, FightSaga's founder replied, "She's absolute proof one can have brain damage without having (apparently) boxed or suffered head trauma by some other means."

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