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  • Boxing and a mixing of the races: Bernie's Rant | September 2

Boxing and a mixing of the races: Bernie's Rant | September 2

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British boxer Randolph Turpin 66-8-1 was an enigma in his time. Not only was he the second person to beat the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson and win the Middleweight Title in 1951, but was also a fighter of biracial heritage.

In American Society back in the day, interracial marriage in some states was prohibited.The "taboo" of these unions were frowned upon by many and areas such as Virginia had race designations called a "One Drop Rule" which categorized a person black person if they could trace their ancestry to one African Ancestor.

Evidently, racial designations and distinctions were not really accentuated until the advent of the slave trade and its surrounding propaganda.

Recent technological advances in DNA analysis reveal that a mixing of the races were not an uncommon phenomena, especially in areas such as the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

Historical evidence reveals that there were 3 Popes of African origin and that it wasn't uncommon for a 'black person' to hold Roman citizenship.

Interacial marriages prior to the 1500's wasn't a big deal in any circle - But it was in the best interest of the European profiteers to demonize the natural integration and discourage the mixing of the races.

Boxing has always been a sport that reflects the changing landscape of the times in people's attitudes on culture and trends.

The media has been a culprit in giving a thumbs up or down on major relevent issues to their best corporate interests but Statistical demographic reporting shows its curtain beginning to fall.

2.9 % of present day Americans are a product of bi-racial parentage. 7% of all US births as of 2009 are from mixed racial union and this statistic is up 5% from 10 years prior according to the US census. The statistic had jumped to 10% as of 2013.

In fact, Great Britian has seen similar trends and reports a mixed race population of 1.2%. Some factors that are attributed to the cause are improved communication and transportation.

Boxing champions or former champions in recent years such as Andre Ward, Gennady Golokvin, Badou Jack, James DeGale, David Haye, Tony Bellew, Keith Thurman and Kell Brook all share that common distinction and are all elite fighters by the way in their own respective rites.

Renouned demographer of The Brookings Institute who has spent a lifetime studying these patterns has been quoted as saying, "The children of parents with black and white parents in particular show a country that is advancing toward the day when race loses its power to be a hot button issue."


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