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Bob Arum gives Eddie Hearn verbal lashing for spreading negative rumors about Tyson Fury

Joseph Herron Updated
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It's officially "Fight Week" in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the entire sporting world is ready to see Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury get it on once again for The Ring's lineal and WBC Heavyweight championship.

Both fighters have wrapped up their respective training camps and will be in Vegas all week promoting the highly anticipated event.

While most race and sportsbooks still list Fury as the slight betting favorite, many gamblers and perennial bettors are starting to "move the line" towards the current WBC champ because of a few candid words from an uninvolved fight promoter.

Last week, the Managing Director of Matchroom Sport, Eddie Hearn, gave his prediction as to who he thought would win on February 22nd.

His response sent a massive red flag to most interested observers.

"I thought Fury would win the fight," Hearn recently told TalkSport. "But I've heard a few things in camp...it might be rubbish, but now I do think Wilder's going to win the fight by stoppage."

When Tyson Fury's promoter in the US, Bob Arum of Top Rank, Inc., heard of the quote, he justifiably "blew a gasket".

"I don't know what he's hearing," the Hall of Fame promoter stated to iFL TV. "I'm here...I know everything. My guys are in every minute that I'm not in. So what the hell is he talking about?"

"Eddie Hearn runs from the mouth! I'm sure he heard that from somebody. You hear everything in boxing! Again, you have to be a little cautious about what you talk about, and what you say!"

"Who is this guy?! The guy who sweeps my gym is his source?"

"Eddie really has to learn how to grow up!!"

The Bob-father is correct when he says, "you hear everything in boxing"...especially from rival promoters.

Obviously Eddie has a vested interest in the match-up, hoping to pair his man, Anthony Joshua, in the ring with the eventual winner sometime within the final quarter of 2020.

So to what was Hearn referring?  And was Eddie being truthful?  Was his source a credible one?

If any fight fan chooses to peruse through the various fan-driven, "reverso" boxing channels on YouTube, they will hear everything from "a torn ACL" to the reopening of Tyson's horrid gash above his right eye.

According to Tyson's cousin and trainer, Andy Lee, training camp has run "smoothly", and Fury has done everything correctly without cutting any corners. 

But even if Tyson Fury truly is injured heading into his career-defining rematch with Deontay Wilder, he will still go through with the scheduled fight due to the massive amount of money invested in this historic undertaking by both FOX and ESPN.

Is there a genuine reason for concern? Or is this simply another example of unfounded boxing gossip?

Is this the real reason why Tyson didn't allow PBC cameras to capture footage of him training within the Top Rank Gym in Las Vegas last month?

The truth will inevitably be revealed this Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada!


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