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It's starting to become a lexicon of sorts in the English language.

Big Drama Show.

So what is 'Big Drama Show?'

It was created by boxing's ferocious but humble middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (36-0, 33 KO) who insists he wants his bouts to be spectacles for the fans.

Speaking with a rough accent, the Kazakhstan native said in 2014 after knocking out a former title holder in destructive fashion:

“Knockout very important."

“Not just for me, not just for my team, but for everybody."

"This is show, this is big drama show.”

Golovkin, who may be one of the greatest fighters ever, has been discussing 'Big Drama Show' for several years now and his post fight interviews have become almost as entertaining as his bouts.

“I think everybody likes ‘Big Drama Show,’ you know?”

Golovkin said via USA Today in April. “I just want to bring my fans a show. Not jab, not moving. … Everybody’s paying money for tickets. For what? To drink? To watch like movie theater for two hours?

"This is boring. No.”

A few years ago, Golovkin's fight trainer, Abel Sanchez, offered some added insight regarding his fighter's entertaining linguistic talents.

"It's important that Gennady continues to improve his mastery of the English language, because he ultimately wants to communicate with his fans without any misunderstanding or misconceptions."

"But we also recognize that his fans really enjoy his post fight interviews and commentary. It's become part of his appeal."

Last night in London, 'Big Drama Show' rolled on as Gennady scored a TKO win over previously unbeaten welterweight champion Kell Brook.

I wanted a ‘Big Drama Show’, this was more like street fight," he said moments after the win.

"I knew I was stronger than him. He couldn’t handle my power. I knew I was hurting him…I want to fight Billy Jo Saunders next, he has the WBO belt and I want a unification fight to get all the middleweight titles.”

Are you a fan of 'Big Drama Show?'

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