Bernie's Rant - July 4, 2018

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Just for a pay day

Promoter Tom Loeffler of K2 promotions has got to be the biggest slime ball in terms of giving boxing fans what they want. 

Wladimir Klitschko did not fight for 18 months before his epic showdown with Anthony Joshua has been the biggest boxing event for the millennium and has pulled in all sorts of revenue. But at 41 years old, Klitschko obviously had some ring rust and without a tune-up fight he folded in the later rounds.

So much for protecting a fighter for a pay day.

Bring on Gennady Golovkin, another client of Loeffler. His fight with Saul Alvarez had been another fiasco. First, the fight should have never taken place in favor of more worthy opponents for Gennady such as Billy Joe Saunders, Jermall Charlo, or Demetrius Andrade to name a few.

After decisively beating Canelo in a bout which was ruled a draw by the judges, the subsequent hemming and hawing about the decision, the PED's, the rematch is on for September. Of course, Golovkin’s interim fight in May was against Vanes Martirosyan who hadn’t fought in two years. It was worse than a Frankie Carbo orchestration.

At 36 years old, Golovkin’s shelf life is limited. He has wasted a year and a half of his limited career on this nonsense and, unfortunately, we will never see the big matchups in the current Middleweight division.

Atlantic City is back
Atlantic City is making a boxing comeback in August with the Sergey Kovalev 32-2 1 (28) vs Eleider Alvarez 23-0 (11) for the WBO belt.

There is nothing like the electricity of the gambling crowd in that town when a major fight commences. It is a great business move to shift the fights back to that area from The Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden. At those venues, they’ve getting marginal attendance for fight events.

There was a double feature at The Masonic Temple in Detroit last Friday and the movers and shakers of the sport are continued to be disappointed. First of all, the Arena only holds 1600 patrons and there were no attendance figures reported publicly. Was it a sellout?

Arum, ESPN and Showbox vs Back in the day
Secondarily, the Nielsen Ratings came out On Showbox scoring an average of 376,000 viewership for a max of 19 minutes. It ranked number 71 of the total television shows that night in a summer month with many reruns on. To put this in perspective Amir Imam vs Jose Carlos Ramirez broadcast by ESPN was a 488,000 and Victor Ortiz vs Devon Alexander was a whopping 1.1 million viewed on Fox. These numbers should tell you about this "experiment".

Bob Arum has been pushing on an ESPN affiliated network, targeting hardcore boxing fan for 7 dollars a month. He promises relevant fights with his client stable and a healthy dosage of classic replay matches.

Why is the crook taking pertinent matches from HBO and Showtime and promoting his attractions such as Amir Kahn vs Phil Lo Greco and Terrance Crawford vs Jeff Horn. You can’t even get the results on-line an hour after the fight.

This is definitely not like the days of Gillette's Friday Night fights and ABC Wide World of Sports. In fact, this isn’t even close to the gig that Atlas and Tessitore did on ESPN.

Back in the neighborhood, a drug dealer keeps his prices low and quality good. Sometimes he fronted his product to steady customers who would buy regularly. eventually he ups the prices limits the supply and cuts the product with impurities. It was common knowledge around to stay clear from these characters. I can just imagine Arum putting on a steady diet of Heavyweight defenses and trilogies involving Alejandra Jimenez in a couple of years.

Potheads and prose
Speaking of which, 86 year old Bob Arum publicly advocates the use of recreational marijuana. Does he have social conscience to care about your kids or mine?

On an HBO profile of boxer Julio Caesar Chavez Jr., he was shown on camera with a spliff hanging out of his mouth for a worldwide audience. Despite the disapproval and outcry, Bob Arum downplayed it as trivial. Do you think he’s got long term investments in futures of this "product"?

Conversely, a few years back I attended a title defense by Bernard Hopkins against Karo Murat at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. After Hopkins won on a UD, he was interviewed by HBO broadcast on television and throughout the audience. He stated - and I quote, "If you want to be a champion, stay away from smoking". Everybody in the audience including many young people knew what he meant and was hip to know what he was saying.

But on the replay of that interview, those comments were censored. Everything else he said was replayed but that on line was omitted. Like him or not, he did the right thing that night. Does HBO have futures? MMMmmm

SKY Sports in the US
Why is SKY Sports prohibited to broadcast here in the US? They put on a great boxing card every weekend and there is a block even getting the service on-line. Boxing is full of it.

Overrated heavyweight
Everyone wants to fight Dominick Breazeale. He was paid 800,000 dollars for his match with Eric Molina on the Luis Ortiz-Deontay Wilder card at the Barclays. Why so much cash? A former College football player, he’s an overrated fighter with a deceptive record. A couple of years ago, he was beaten pretty bad by Amir Mansour until a freak accident forced a stoppage of the fight.

The fight between Breazeale and Molina was so bad that they didn’t even put it on YouTube. From what someone I know who witnessed the fight, it looked like two brown bears doing the Watusi together.

Thus Mansour told me he wants a rematch, Ruiz wants to fight him during his comeback journey, and Wilder's got his sights set on him

Ring card girls
Why the tradition with Ring Card girls? Isn’t it a sexist thing to have beautiful young females, fresh out of college displaying their midriffs between rounds at Boxing Matches? Why aren’t middle-aged women recruited for this task? The biggest boxing demographic of fan base is the over 40 male crowd? Why don’t they have male beefcakes for female boxing? The possibilities are limitless.

Conlan a con? Ward is Irish?
Featherweight Michael Conlan fights this weekend. The famous Irish Olympian who gave the finger to the judges in the 2016 Olympics for a bad call will be in action. He is the latest "Irish Phenom" to capitalize on the Irish-American market here. One may ask why isn’t he fighting in England? Why here?

On attending one of his fights he is a marginal fighter who absolutely has no fire power and couldn’t break a pane of glass. He is no John Duddy! As an Irish American, I resent this hype of marginal boxers as the next thing to John L. Sullivan, but then again there are a lot of ignorant fans out there.

Why is Boston an untapped Market for boxing matches. The land of Rocky Marciano. I bet those people would love to host many more fights than they do.

In a similar breath, why hasn’t Andre Ward represented the St Patrick's Day Parade in Oakland? They do have a parade there. Who would be more appropriate than Andre Ward given his religious convictions and lifestyle.


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