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Bernard Hopkins vs Gennady Golovkin: Can B-HOP win at 50?

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After suffering the most one sided loss of his illustrious 26 year professional career, most avid fight fans would assume that they just witnessed Bernard Hopkins' final twelve rounds as a prizefighter this past Saturday night against Sergey Kovalev.

But according to a recent report from Philly.com reporter, Matt Breen, the soon-to-the 50 year old living legend still believes he has one more performance left in the proverbial tank.

"It isn't going to be a cheap, cheesy one," stated the future Hall of Famer to 'The Philly Inquirer'. "This is going to be a thing where I want you to get dressed up. I want you to come. I want you to have a little hors d'oeuvre. I want you to get ready for the fight."

"This is the Brett Favre of boxing leaving, This is Roger Staubach in his time leaving the game. This is Michael Jordan leaving the game, playing in the Finals one more time. But I'm not doing it unless it's what I want. If it's not the one I want and we can't do it, I won't stay."

Within the aforementioned report, Hopkins also stated that he is targeting none other than current Middleweight destroyer Gennady Golovkin as his preferred dance partner for a potential 2015 farewell performance.

Expert trainer Ronnie Shields believes this to be a very bad idea.

"At this point in his career, Bernard Hopkins is a mere shell of himself," insists the Houston, Texas based fight trainer.

"Everyone saw in his last performance that he can no longer beat any of the top tier fighters in boxing. In my opinion, Bernard cannot defeat Gennady Golovkin at age 50, and it would really surprise me if Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions agreed to this fight."

The knowledgeable boxing mentor doesn't understand why the Philly based icon wants to continue.

"Bernard is going to go down as one of the greatest fighters in the history of boxing," states Ronnie Shields. "He has nothing left to prove in the sport. I thought he was smarter than this. I would have thought he would have gone out like Lennox Lewis or Marvin Hagler...guys who knew when to say when."

"But if he fights a hard punching champion like Gennady Golovkin in 2015, he's going to be no different than other great fighters in history who stayed in the sport too long and got hurt."

"And why?"

"What is he trying to prove? If he goes out and gets knocked out, then what? This move doesn't make any sense."

Although Coach Ronnie doesn't understand the motivation behind the madness of the soon to be 50 year old fight veteran, he doesn't recognize how difficult it is for a great champion like Bernard Hopkins to walk away from the sport.

"It's sad to watch, but it's part of a prizefighter's mental make-up to believe that he always has one more left in them. They love being a part of the big events and hearing the roar of the crowd...it's like an addiction. It's hard for a prizefighter to just give that up and walk away from the sport."

"But Hopkins is different. He can still be a part of the big events in so many other ways. He's a promoter now. And if he really wanted to give back to the sport, he could start training these young fighters and pass his knowledge and wisdom on to the next generation. He would be an exceptional trainer."

"I would just hate to see a great fighter like Bernard Hopkins get seriously injured at age 50 when he really has no reason to be fighting any longer."

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