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Are authorities in Las Vegas picking on Floyd Mayweather Jr., or trying to save him from himself?

Joseph Herron Updated
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Despite being the premier ambassador of boxing and arguably the most widely recognized prizefighter on the face of the earth, Floyd Mayweather Jr. can’t seem to avoid compromising situations or potentially embarrassing conditions.

It’s currently being reported by numerous sources that the Vice unit of Las Vegas Metro Police Department has contacted multiple topless clubs within Clark County, encouraging the various establishments not to accept Floyd’s patronage and allow him admission into the venues any longer.

Officers insist that the 37 year old boxer sexually harasses the strippers and engages in “unsuitable” activity with the women on the premises.

“Floyd Mayeather goes in and pulls a ‘Do you know who I am’ and does inappropriate things with some of the women,” stated a member of law enforcement to various media sources.

When confronted with the news of these scrutinizing accusations, Floyd has completely denied the potentially slanderous allegations, and further claims that he has never acted inappropriately at any nude establishment.

The pound for pound fighter doesn’t understand why he’s ostensibly being singled out by local law enforcement.

While the age old adage does indeed state, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”, make no mistake about this situation, Floyd’s activity isn’t taking place within the hallowed walls of Vatican City.

Most would agree that his lifestyle of choice is somewhat fitting of the “Sin City” moniker.

Although the oldest and most controversial profession is currently illegal in Clark County, the area in which Las Vegas is planted, Nevada is the only state in the U.S. that permits legalized prostitution. In fact, brothels have been allowed in Nevada since the middle of the nineteenth century.

So why single out “Money” Mayweather when hundreds of thousands each year travel to Vegas to try and escape their day to day lives and indulge in some temporary debauchery?

Are the Vegas authorities picking on Floyd Mayweather Jr. and attempting to make an example of the pound for pound champion? Or are they merely trying to save the poster boy of boxing from himself?

Because of his highly publicized history of domestic violence, as well as sexual abuse, is the latest episode with local law enforcement evidence that Floyd has worn out his welcome in Vegas? Or is the “Vegas Vice Squad” trying to keep Floyd out of another seemingly inevitable visit to the hoosegow?

Considering Sin City’s soiled reputation and the moral pitfalls entrenched within the infamous “adult playground”, perhaps the chief ambassador of boxing should think about leaving Las Vegas, Nevada, and possibly choosing to reside in a less tempting environment?

After all, Floyd is currently the primary spokesperson of the sport. Although Mayweather didn’t directly apply for this position, he remains the most influential prizefighter in the world. It’s not a title from which one can easily “clock-out” at the end of the day.

Like it or not, it’s a distinction that should be treated with great responsibility.

And will the overbearing activity of the Vegas authorities prove to be a vain effort? Ultimately, the only person who can help Floyd Mayweather Jr. is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

At age 37, one can only hope that the best pound for pound fighter will eventually realize that a life spent serving others is a much more fulfilling existence. Instead of “making it rain” inside the walls of a Vegas strip club, maybe Floyd should think about creating a downpour for some of boxing’s tragically beaten heroes who helped pave the way for Mayweather’s current celebrity?

In spite of everything, Mayweather is merely standing on the shoulders of the great fighters who came before him.

Instead of making a stripper’s evening by paying her rent with the purchase of her affections for a few hours, perhaps Floyd’s money would be better spent supporting some of the less fortunate prizefighters of the world…for it’s the unsung heroes of the sport that help drive the industry.

The industry that made Floyd May weather a multi-millionaire.


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