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Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin: Does 'Prince' really have the superior background?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Undefeated IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin (23-0-1, 21 KO) insists his skills, experience and professional pedigree Will trump Anthony Joshua's punching power when the two titans clash Saturday.

Those who favor Martin, such as lineal champion Tyson Fury, simply don't believe Joshua, from an experience standpoint, deserves to be in the same ring with the IBF champion. After all, Anthony is a mere 15-0, 15 KO.

“The main reason I chose Joshua is because everyone thinks he is a superstar, but I know that he is green and is not ready for this fight," said Charles Martin earlier this week on the Showtime conference call.

"I want to get him now while he is green and take him out."

“I will go into the contest with more experience and have had more fights in both the amateurs and the pro game. It’s all about getting comfortable and I don’t think Joshua is there yet."

"He’s not ready for this level and won’t know what to do when I jump on him and knock him out."

".... All he has is power. I can do it all and have so much more in my arsenal. He won’t even be able to land hard punches on me – I’m very elusive. The work has all been done and now it’s all about Saturday night.”

If Martin can elude Joshua's power, he'll certain have a good chance to win. However, experience-wise, he doesn't boast a significant edge.

Perhaps people are getting preoccupied-occupied with the fact Anthony has had only 15 pro fights, an historically low number of bouts to challenge for a share of the heavyweight title.

However, 'Prince' Charles Martin isn't exactly the 'Prince of Pedigree' himself. At 23-0-1, 21 KO, he's had a mere 24 bouts. Moreover, one could certainly argue Joshua has stronger names on his ledger. The latter's last two opponents were a combined 37-0, and Joshua's has defeated some solid names who served as quality opponents even if they were a bit past their prime.

Kevin Johnson, Michael Sprott and Matt Skelton are not to be taken lightly.

In addition to having a superior resume in the pro ranks, Joshua is an Olympic world champion with the more impressive amateur pedigree, at least in terms of opposition and wins. And yes, that accounts for something in the pros.

Charles may be the more experienced in terms of quanity of fights and his time in boxing, but Joshua seems to be  the more accomplished.


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