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Anthony Joshua: Presumed 'Superior Race' tweet might show a real vulnerability

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The British mainstream is buzzing over a tweet that is believed to have been sent by heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

In the tweet, Joshua calls former former heavyweight challenger Eddie Chambers 'a bum' and 'a bitch' and a 'disgrace to the superior black race.'

Did that come from AJ?

In all fairness, AJ's promoter, Eddie Hearn has denied the legitimacy of the tweet.

If it's legit
If the tweet came from AJ, he has some real explaining to do. Insulting, although indirectly, a large part of his fan base and most boxing fans in general wasn't a bright move and was in very poor taste.

While we have seen few flaws inside the ring, AJ's presumed actions outside of the ring may expose some not-yet-seen vulnerabilities. 

Someone who believes in those types of things has character flaws that can - and probably will - lead to their demise. It's that type of mentality that leads to cutting corners in when training, cheating and making excuses when losing.

Physically strong, but mentally weak or compromised.

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Mike Tyson
Some celebrities, including politicians, think they can get away with anything and not be held to the same standards as regular people. Remember when Mike Tyson was fooled into thinking he was invincible? He was knocked out by a 42 to 1 underdog and then went to jail for rape the following year.

Ironically, before Tyson became internationally popular he was humble in interviews and devastating in the ring. He'd always showed respect for his opponents. But not long after he became a star, he started demeaning other fighters and elevating himself.

The humility was gone....  as was his ring dominance.

Deontay Wilder
If you're AJ's rival, Deontay Wilder, it's a great time to grow your fan base by denouncing AJ's presumed tweet.


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