Anthony Joshua: Broken nose details

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Tonight, IBF/WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua overpowered a rough, tough Carlos Takam en route to scoring a 10th Round TKO.

However, Joshua's nose, which bled throughout, is believed to be broken, compliments of an unintentional headbutt in Round 2.

Joshua, 28, said: “It feels broken and I could not breath it could have been a massive disaster. He's like Holyfield coming under and up. This is championship fighting. I had to keep my cool in there."

“You have to control these situations, if I show any signs of weakness the referee could jump in."

If the nose is broken, what does it mean for Joshua?

Well, that depends on the break. Fortunately, the nose heals quickly.

A "hairline fracture" that does not need to be reset, would enable him to resume full activity in the gym in a week or two. But Joshua would have likely taken a few weeks off from training anyway.

If Anthony has what we suspect, a true nasal fracture with the bones completely broken but not displaced, it'll take 6-8 weeks to heal enough for him to engage in physical contact.

If the nose looks grossly crooked then setting will be needed. Should that be the case, AJ will have to wait a few days to let the swelling resolve as some crookedness is an illusion and will go away with the swelling. However, it would be ill-advised for him to wait more than 10 days. 

Will the break push back AJ's next fight?

...Probably not, but it depends.

If Joshua had planned to return in late February, he still probably could. But to be safe, his handlers might choose to bring him back in March at the earliest.

If they'd planned to bring him back in March or April anyway, don't expect tentative dates in those months to be adjusted due to Anthony's presumed break.

garcia nose

Boxing champ Mikey Garcia, above, suffered a broken nose as a result of a nasty headbutt from Orlando Salido in 2013 but was back in the ring four days shy of 5 months.


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