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Andy Ruiz Jr: Uppity and overconfident these days?

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Is Andy Ruiz Jr Buster Douglas No. 2?

We fondly remember when James 'Buster' Douglas pulled off one of the biggest upsets in history by knocking out Mike Tyson in February 1990 but seldom discuss what transpired afterwards.

Douglas became an instant celebrity, made the talk show circuit and displayed a kind of arrogance reserved for long-established stars.

He didn't return to the ring until 8 months later and received a then-record breaking purse of $24 Million for facing Evander Holyfield.

But unlike the fearless and focused version of Douglas that stepped into the ring against Tyson, the new Douglas put on a lot of weight after winning the title and entered training camp very heavy. At the official weigh-in, Douglas weighed 246 lbs, 14½ more than his weight for the Tyson fight.

"Roll him in and carry him out," said Lou Duva, co-trainer of Holyfield, who came in at a svelte 208.

Holyfield easily controlled the first two rounds before KOing Douglas with a right uppercut lead from outside in Round 3. Fighters at that level are warned against throwing lead uppercuts from the outside because it can be easily defended and leaves a fighter vulnerable to a counter.

That's how bad Douglas was that night.

Holyfield knew he could get away with throwing lead uppercuts from way outside. It's embarrassing and a bit disrespectful when a fighter attempts that, not to mention knocks his opponent out that way.

Douglas went down, landing hard on his left side. He showed no inclination to rise. He wiped his face with his gloves, checking for blood, then rolled over onto his back and took the referee's count of ten.

Enter Andy Ruiz, Jr.

Like Douglas years prior, Ruiz delivered a spectacular performance by upsetting Anthony Joshua in June. And with the win came the accolades of success. Now, Andy is a celebrity who is getting tremendous media attention; and being the first Mexican heavyweight champion only adds to his intrigue.

... But is Andy Ruiz getting a little too big for his britches?

Ruiz stated last month he wanted a $50 Million purse for the Joshua rematch but it's doubtful anyone took him seriously. Was he being candid after all?

Joshua vs Ruiz 2
WBA/WBO/IBF Heavyweight Championship
December 7, 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Moreover, although Ruiz seemingly signed on the dotted line prior to his bout with AJ, he still thinks he has a voice in calling the shots for the rematch location and the purses allocated. But legally, Joshua and Hearn probably have control over the date, venue and location, and possibly the purse due to a "fixed guarantee" that was likely in the contract.

Ruiz pocked $6 Million for the first fight and is guaranteed $9 Million for the rematch. Two fights for $15 Million isn't bad for a fighter who was known only to boxing die-hards 3 months ago...

And what about this mansion Andy supposedly purchased and all of the smack he's been talking about Joshua?

Yes,  a fair share of experts are picking Andy to win the rematch and, rest assured, Ruiz is listening to it AND believing it.

Perhaps he's believing it a bit too much.

Is Ruiz getting a bit overconfident?

Does Tyson Fury have insider info?

Heavyweight superstar Tyson Fury recently told Behind The Gloves Ruiz is having a great ol' time these days, and is too busy rolling in Rolls Royces, doing TV shows and eating high-calorie foods to think about training.

"If Andy Ruiz comes in, in-shape and has trained, then I think he does the same again," Fury chimed.

"But one thing I know is AJ trains hard and he dedicates his life to boxing."

"I know that Ruiz has been running around in a lot of Rolls Royces and doing a lot of TV shows, eating a lot of tacos and he's not been in the gym for two-and-a-half months, because I've been speaking to the guys and nobody's seen him."

He added: "Apparently he's [Ruiz] going to start training on Monday, whether that happens or not is going to be a different thing but could Andy Ruiz be the second coming of Buster Douglas, could it really happen?

"One thing I know about Joshua is that he trains like a Trojan and he'll want to get his titles back.

"Where one man's got a few quid in his pocket running around LA and Mexico and wherever else like a lunatic and a hero - blah, blah, blah."

"He's won one fight, big deal, if he doesn't sacrifice and dedicate himself to the gym, he'll smashed in the rematch."

"I'll tell you how AJ wins, open to the fact that Ruiz is running around not training, letting money go to his brain and over looking everything, thinking it's easy, then he [Joshua] goes in there, fit, does what he does and wins."

Even if Andy begins training tomorrow will his mind be clear and focused - or will he be consumed with the rematch's location, purse negotiations, commercial deals, girlfriends and whatever else he might have going on?

Regardless of what happens, Andy will have a very good, extremely motivated opponent in front of him come December 7.

Will he be emotionally, mentally and physically prepared?


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